The benefits of marketing automation for sales are enormous—not just for increasing the number of sales made, but also for increasing the overall productivity of your sales team—by improving lead quality and accelerating lead lifecycles.

While there are plenty of factors at play for how marketing automation improves efficiency and productivity, there are four key ways this technology increases sales:

Improving Lead Scoring and Nurturing

Using progressive profiling, marketing automation can create accurate, detailed lead scores. As it collects more in-depth data than traditional tools, progressive profiling lets your sales team see their leads more clearly, to better personalize their pitch.

Improving Lead Score and Nurturing

Example of Progressive Profiling

By collecting increasingly detailed data from form fills, progressive profiling creates a store of information than can be analyzed in order to score leads more accurately. Effective lead scoring also helps lead nurturing, with leads being put into the appropriate nurture campaign for their unique needs, in turn increasing SQLs.

Reducing CRM Data Entry

CRM data entry is often time-consuming and error-prone when done by human teams. But because Marketing Automation Software updates contacts’ lead scores using pre-built rules, it dramatically improves data quality and accuracy. With data being automatically updated, lead scores and information are more representative of actual behaviors—for accurate targeting and nurturing.

Real-Time Tracking & Alerts

Marketing Automation tools also allow for real-time tracking and alerts through embedded code, which records page visits and logins. This allows sales reps to see when qualified leads are thinking about your company, and reach out to them in real-time. This means that reps are only talking to leads when your business is on their mind—instead of when they’re busy.

Reduce Lead Response Times

Marketing Automation can help reduce lead response times by automating responses within set time limits. This time limit is critical as prospects are 7x more likely to buy from you if their enquiries is replied to within the hour, according to a study by Harvard Business Review. That being said, 63% percent of companies take longer than an hour to reply to enquiries, which means 63% of companies are losing potential clients and potential revenue to unresponsiveness.

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