Ready to take your customer engagement strategy up a notch? Feel like you get the concept of customer engagement but could use some more help? Look no further than Maropost’s “Customer Engagement PhD” video series.

These bite-sized videos are aimed to provide marketers with the education and tips they need to not just do their job, but do it in rockstar fashion. We’ll be covering everything from the ins and outs of the customer journey to how to determine success from email campaigns. Watch on your lunch break, your commute or even at home and bring actionable best practices back to your team. You’ll be a customer engagement pro in no time.

Catch up on the latest episodes on the Maropost video page, and stay tuned for more to come! There you’ll also find our “Customer Engagement 101” series, which takes a more high-level view of all things customer engagement; as well as our “Under the Hood” series, which provides an interactive look at how to use different features of the Maropost platform.

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