Your Audience Will Have the Power

Control has been gradually shifting from brands to customers, and the B2C environment will only continue trending this way in the years ahead. User-generated content is becoming a valuable and legitimate form of marketing that requires minimal effort on the part of marketers.

Online reviews, social shares, and feedback provide trustworthy evidence to other potential customers that your brand and products live up to your word. Encourage user content by asking for feedback within emails.

If a customer made a purchase, follow up with a message a couple weeks later (accounting for shipping time) asking how the product is satisfying expectations. The act of following-up should conclude the processes involved in placing an order.

It should be designed in a way that centers customers, especially by being fun or incentivizing. It is also important that customers find it easy to give feedback. By providing an avenue for customers to engage further with your brand or business, customers are able to take charge and even make further purchases.

Automation, Automation, Automation

It’s already been discussed at length but bears repeating. Processes will continue incorporating automation capabilities to target people at the right time while relieving some stress on the part of marketers. Automation solves problems by eradicating unnecessary repetition and removing all forms of rote.

Just remember that while you’re streamlining operations and leaving some of the work to your marketing platform, at the end of the day you are still talking to people. And those people want to feel like they are interacting with a human. Don’t sacrifice the personality, mission and values of your brand for the sake of cutting corners.

Interactive Experiences

Come 2021, more emails may be opened on a mobile device than a desktop or laptop computer. 

This means, as email marketers, you must take a multi-device, responsive approach to email design. And on top of that, adding seamless, interactive mobile experiences within emails can promote additional engagement and clicks. Try incorporating elements like: 

  • Roll-over animations
  • Product image carousels
  • Surveys, polls, social feeds, user-generated content
  • Animated calls to action

Authenticity Over Price & Product

You’ve heard it a million times; consumers are more sophisticated today than ever before. They know you’re collecting their data, and therefore have high expectations for what you do with it. If every member of your audience receives relevant, personalized offers from a brand, they’ll likely feel much more assured about sharing their personal information. More and more, shoppers will choose to buy products and services from companies they trust and feel connected to.

Remember, you’re not just selling your products and services, you’re selling your brand. Be transparent about how you’re using your customers’ and website visitors’ personal and online engagement information, and demonstrate the value they will get in return. Shift your approach to email marketing from overly-promotional to telling a story: about your brand, your products or about customers. 

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