Nobody is destined for success.

Success is earned through years of hard work and adopting good habits.

That’s why the best email marketers consistently strive for daily improvement to ensure each task they undertake is focused on optimizing all aspects of their job.

To give you an idea of what it takes to reach the top of your game, model yourself after those who do it best.

Here are the 8 habits of the best email marketers

1. They plan their day

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As a marketer, you’re juggling multiple hats every day — sometimes, it can be overwhelming.

On top of that, each responsibility has its own unique set of challenges. For example, while you are planning for one, you execute another and measure the third. How can you ensure that you keep a track of all of these without getting lost? Simple, you make a plan!

The best email marketers start each day by making a list of things they wish to accomplish then tick off their checklist as they go.

2. They track their competition

Marketers are always looking to get a leg up on the competition because it’s a battle for customers. And in battle, surprises are costly.

The best email marketers track their competition daily — analyzing what they do well and identifying their vulnerabilities. Of course, the competition doesn’t broadcast their strategies, so a savvy marketer will only track areas of interest which are the most benefit to his/her’s bottom line.

3. They work in a team

Marketing is a team effort. That’s why they gather their team briefly once a day to go over their game plan and tackle any challenges together. Also, the best marketers are often the most approachable because they know their team looks to them for guidance and they rely on their team just as much for support.

4. They run the numbers

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Marketing, like baseball, is a numbers game. In a day, their plan can take a turn for the worse if they aren’t seeing the traction they expected so it’s imperative they know what numbers to track on a daily basis. However, don’t get too caught up with analytics when you have a long campaign running. Just keep an eye on them to spot any inconsistencies that can help you spot issues before they escalate.

5. They listen

Show me a successful marketer and I will show you a good listener. The best email marketers take buy-in from stakeholders. This includes their team, their boss, and their clients — but most importantly, they always listen to their target audience.

Social listening tools like Hootsuite is often used to see what audience is saying about their brand and address/include these needs to make a marketing campaign more effective.

6. They’re always reading

Leading marketers read everything from industry blogs to mainstream news. The marketing environment is fast-paced and always evolving, so keeping up on the latest happenings in terms of technologies and campaigns is a huge advantage. The best email marketers always make a point to make time for reading, usually in the morning before the day gets rolling. The customer is always in evolution mode too and understanding human behaviour and psychology can be your biggest strength in the race of becoming a successful marketer.

Always make a point to make time for reading, usually in the morning before the day gets rolling.

7. Write, Write, Write

Marketers are responsible for shaping and staying consistent in communicating their brand’s voice. Since words are what you rely on for communicating, the best marketers have to practice. Writing daily could include writing subject lines or writing up a plan for their next campaign. Consistently writing also increases a marketer’s confidence while leaving you with a bunch of content for future references.

Writing every day will ultimately increase a marketer’s confidence while leaving them with a bunch of content for future reference.

8. Evaluate and Improve

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At the end of a workday, a successful marketer takes note of what was and wasn’t accomplished. Email marketers ask themselves: were they able to solve an issue? Was their priority list in the best order? How can I be more productive tomorrow? With the implementation of these 8 habits, and Maropost for Marketing you will become unstoppable.

Staying productive is one thing, but doing email marketing the right way is another.

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