Today, email is about quality over quantity. Maropost customers send almost two billion emails each month with an industry-leading 95+% deliverability rate, and no matter how many emails you get out to your audience, they don’t do you much good unless you’re taking proactive steps toward better customer engagement.

In this blog post, we’ll detail three fundamental practices you should be using within your email strategy to improve engagement and position yourself that much closer to rockstar status.

  • Audience segmentation

For a long time, mass email campaigns sent to hundreds or even thousands of recipients worked well for most marketing teams. However, as customers have become increasingly sophisticated with higher-than-ever expectations, this approach now comes with diminishing returns. Audience segmentation allows for increased personalization. Using data you have about customers across channels and touchpoints, marketers can group them into smaller segments for more targeted communication.

In our recent survey of 300 executive marketers, 95% agreed that customer expectations are still increasing, and 89% agree that consumers now have more power than the brands they engage with.

Why do it?

Haymarket Media is a leading media company with a portfolio of over 70 leading brands. The organization implemented a new audience segmentation strategy based on demographic and interaction data. With this technique, Haymarket increased engagement rates ten-fold, while decreasing time and effort, freeing up staff to focus on more critical endeavors. Find out how they were able to achieve it here.

  • Personalized dynamic content

Complete personalization is not an easy undertaking for marketers, but that won’t stop customers from demanding it. Modern consumers expect effortless experiences with brands across all touchpoints and devices. The way to accomplish this is through a single customer view, where marketers can find any detail about a specific customer in terms of their brand relationship. Our survey shows 66% of respondents believe they have a true single customer view, but in fact only four percent do. While that seems scary, fortunately, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

With aggregated customer data all in one place, marketers can dynamically develop and provide the content individual customers want, when and where they want it. By doing so, you’re best positioned to drive your audience to further action.

Why do it?

Mercedes-Benz Canada aims to provide strategic and purposeful outreach to its audience, based on individual customer profiles and journeys. The marketing team decided to leverage an advanced personalization and automation process known as bleeding-edge liquid scripting to dynamically generate email content based on email subscribers’ habits, preferences and user profile. As a result, open rates are four times the industry standard, with unique click rates three times higher than the industry standard. Discover more about Mercedez-Benz Canada’s winning strategy here.

  • Unified data platform

Our research also indicated that over three-quarters (82%) of companies are using multiple solutions to manage their commerce and storefront, customer engagement, and email marketing. Only 37 percent reported they were able to effectively create an omnichannel customer experience.

These numbers reflect the correlation between programs used in a company’s MarTech stack and the impact their marketing strategies have on providing a true cross-channel experience. Consolidating the number of platforms used makes it much simpler to connect the dots between marketing avenues and devices, and the data associated with each.

Why do it?

StickerYou moved from three individual marketing platforms to just one, in order to cut costs and time, and unify all customer data. This cleared the way for the company to easily segment its audience for marketing campaigns. Email open rates increased by over 500% with click-through rates increasing by over 300% due to automated email journeys and personalization. Learn more about how StickerYou was able to take its marketing to the next level here.

Take Your Brand Platinum

Segmentation, personalization and unification are what will send your brand to the top of the charts. Maropost’s industry-leading platform and white-glove service eases the growing pains for scaling organizations.

We provide the instruments; you bring the talent. See how Maropost develops marketing rockstars.

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