Maropost, leader in the ecommerce and multi-channel marketing software, showcases InboxAware – its new email monitoring software laser-focused on inbox placement.

Record-breaking Inbox Placement – Made Possible with InboxAware by Maropost

Toronto, Canada (PRUnderground), September 16, 2021 – Maropost is releasing yet another automation software for holistic overview of emails’ performance and advanced analytics. 

Maropost has worked hard to become a recognized leader in the email automation, email marketing and deliverability space. Now, the company is expanding its array of sophisticated software products and introduces InboxAware – a solution highly focused on inbox placement. With InboxAware, business owners can deep-dive into each factor that impacts email performance and inbox placement and truly understand every one of them.

How can companies understand how their emails are performing? How can they stop being reactive and start being proactive while improving the performance of their email marketing activities? Especially when they are sending millions of emails every month. The answer is InboxAware.

Deliverability is one of Maropost Marketing Cloud USPs, and also one of the top priorities for companies sending a very high volume of emails. Your email marketing ROI is only as good as your deliverability is,” – says Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO of Maropost.

This software can analyze numerous emails and report on the delivery status and metrics to help uncover the why behind it all. This knowledge will help increase sender reputation and make them more proactive while working to reach the inbox folder.

InboxAware allows users to customize their own dashboards by choosing from multiple reporting widgets and easily arranging them. The wide array of interactive widgets monitor email performance across multiple indicators.

InboxAware is always on-guard, almost like a digital email inbox placement consultant. Email marketers can get peace of mind with automated alerts and threshold monitoring. They are built to notify users when something goes wrong and explain the reasons behind each error. The user-friendly interface makes InboxAware easy and pleasant to use.

InboxAware helps with deep insights and expert advice to go along with it. Learn more about it here and request a demo today.

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