Maropost releases JetSend – the easy-to-use transactional email software focused on deliverability

Developers can finally stop wasting time on mundane tasks and automatically send billions of transactional emails straight to users’ inbox with JetSend.

August 4, 2021, Toronto (PR Underground) – Maropost is a global provider of marketing automation and ecommerce solutions. By leveraging 10 years of experience in the email automation and deliverability fields, Maropost brings JetSend to life. This new platform is designed to simplify the way companies manage, send and track transactional emails.

Companies need to send billions of transactional emails per month. They also need to ensure that those emails get delivered straight to their clients’ inbox. 

Designed by developers for developers, JetSend is an easy-to-use transactional email platform that has its own MTA service which allows for fast delivery and high delivery rate to inbox. The platform allows users to send millions of emails a day with the confidence of knowing that inboxes will be hit without delay.

Transactional emails are becoming more and more important and often require a dedicated, simplified tool. At the same time, developers spend too much time on tedious mundane tasks that could easily be automated. In response to this need, JetSend was born.

“Maropost capitalized on our industry knowledge to create JetSend. We saw a strong appetite for transactional email solutions. And we did this our way: easy-to-use, powerful and reliable, with a strong focus on deliverability, which is already a unique, globally recognized value of Maropost Marketing Cloud. We’re excited to release JetSend into the world today,” – Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO of Maropost.

JetSend sends billions of emails a month with 98% deliverability rate. It also offers first class engagement insights by using sophisticated algorithms and AI technology to guarantee accurate numbers for every email.  

“We’re excited to launch JetSend and empower global businesses by easing the way they send, track and manage transactional emails. Thanks to JetSend, developers can start sending emails literally within minutes and get superior deliverability performance,” – Julian da Silva, Product Manager at Maropost.

Start a free trial today and experience the freedom that a powerful transactional email platform can give you.

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