Maropost and Hawke Media form a powerful partnership. Hawke Media CEO Erik Huberman excited to leverage Maropost's simplified automation platform.

Maropost and Hawke Media form a powerful partnership. Hawke Media CEO Erik Huberman excited to leverage Maropost’s simplified automation platform.

Toronto, Canada (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2020 – Maropost signs Hawke Media as one of their clients, adding to their portfolio an award-winning digital marketing consultancy and full-service agency widely renowned for their a la carte-based services that bring customizable, data-driven marketing strategies to businesses of all sizes.

Erik Huberman, CEO of Hawke Media, has this to say about their new partnership with Maropost: “We’re so excited to be able to team up with Maropost and provide additional value to our B2C clients through the leveraging of Maropost’s simplified marketing automation platform. Not only will we increase our clients’ multi-channel customer engagement, but we’ll also be working with Maropost on a variety of co-marketing initiatives to expand each other’s networks and boost both of our consumer bases.”

To start this new partnership right, the Maropost team has worked on an simple actionable plan with a strong focus on the value that they want to bring into this new partnership:

  1. Effectively deliver, to the inbox, and execute the marketing, branding, and much more that Hawke Media creates for our customers.
  2. Collaborate with Hawke Media to deliver a truly functional and efficient marketing strategy for their existing clients and those to come.
  3. Provide an integrated partnership so the customer experience is smooth yet profitable for our customers

There’s much to look forward to with this new partnership. As is expressed by Maropost’s Chairman & CEO, Ross Andrew Paquette, who released the following statement: “We couldn’t be more ecstatic to work with Hawke Media. Hawke Media already provides immense value to our customers through its full-service digital marketing agency. We have no doubt that teaming up in an official capacity will amplify the work we can do together for the success of our customers.”

About Hawke Media

Hawke Media is an award-winning marketing consultancy based in Los Angeles, CA. It offers custom, data-driven marketing strategies to businesses of all sizes, offering its services on a month-to-month, a la carte basis. Founded in 2014, it continues to be one of the fastest-growing marketing consultancies in the nation and has serviced such clients as Verizon, Red Bull, Tamara Mellon, and more.

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Maropost is a cloud-based marketing automation platform that helps Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies acquire, engage and convert prospects and customers across multiple channels (e.g., email, social, web, mobile). Marketers can quickly create complex customer journeys, send targeted messages and optimize their campaigns. Many of Maropost’s features are automated, allowing marketers to focus on more strategic needs.
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