Maropost has partnered up with Foundr, one of the world’s leading educational media companies for entrepreneurs looking to learn how to build and grow their own businesses.

Toronto, Canada (PRUnderground) January 12th, 2021 – Maropost is ecstatic to announce that they have partnered with Foundr to help drive entrepreneurship. Adding to their partnership list a most reputable educational media company that has become many an entrepreneur’s go-to resource for building the businesses of tomorrow.

Foundr’s goal has always been to provide the tools and the knowledge needed by those who are ready to start their own business. That includes founders, co-founders, employees, and regular workers that know the kind of toils involved in the process of seeing your vision through — people who know that things are only as rewarding as they are as difficult to achieve.

After having interviewed and connected to almost 250 of the most successful entrepreneurs in their own industries, Foundr’s entrepreneurial magazine gained a readership worth over 250,000 subscribers. And, their Foundr’s podcast is prouder still with a following worth over 1 million listeners that expand their reach across 173 countries all over the world.

Foundr’s done the talking for you. They’ve gotten to know some of the biggest and the brightest stars of the entrepreneurial world and came back with innumerable life-changing advice and ideas to share. And, with this new partnership with Maropost, Foundr aspires to further their reach and educate more young or burgeoning entrepreneurs that are looking for the practical education that will allow them to start and grow their business.

We can expect much from this new collaboration in terms of innovation in both the marketing automation space and the entrepreneurial space at large. Foundr’s CEO Nathan Chan echoes this belief with the release of the following statement upon the signing of this new contract, “Maropost is known in the industry as one of the best marketing automation platforms for growing businesses that offer exceptional solutions! We’re very happy to partner with them.”

About Foundr

Foundr, with CEO Nathan Chan, was founded in 2013 as a media and education company that connects with some of the greatest and most influential founders of the age. They deliver to the entrepreneurial industry at large the methods behind the success of all these inspirational founders who saw their start just like any entrepreneur but now have wisdom to share after years of failures and victories. Foundr shares their findings via magazines, blogs, podcasts, books, e-courses, and so much more to subscribers and listeners all over the world.

Foundr’s courses:

Foundr’s free training:










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