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Engage Your Audience With Multi-Channel Automation

One platform to rule them all. Automate all your marketing needs including Email, SMS, Web, and Social Media.

Data-Driven Email

Increase email engagement with data-driven email marketing.

From send-time optimization to dynamic email personalization, we’re here to ensure emails not only deliver to the inbox but generate results for your business.

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Data-Driven Email

Mobile Engagement

Keep up with on-the-move customers—and drive engagement from any location.

Reach your audience anywhere with SMS and push notifications, using behavior to automatically trigger personalized journeys across channels.

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Mobile Engagement

Social Campaign Alignment

Nurture campaigns shouldn’t stop at email.

As social media engagement continues to grow, it’s important to ensure messaging is unified across all social channels. Maropost makes it easy with pre-built social integrations.

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Social Campaign Alignment

Personal Web Experience

Give your audience a seamless experience from email sent to the website visited.

Build user profiles that combines purchase data with web funnel progress to deliver personalized web content. Maropost’s custom landing pages use dynamic content to build pages that adapt to each visitor.

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Personal Web Experience

Increase Engagement With Data-Driven Marketing


Revenue growth from segmentation


Increase in new customers


Marketing return on investment

Unparalleled Email Deliverability

Our Deliverability Score, Spam Checker, and other sophisticated deliverability tools help improve your inbox rates before you push send and provide you with detailed reporting tools that simplify inbox monitoring.

Real People, Real Advice, In Real-Time

Have peace of mind knowing you’re covered 24/7/365 through out industry-leading white-glove support.

Multi-Channel Marketing

One platform to rule them all. Automate all your marketing needs including Email, SMS, Web, and Social Media.

Track and Segment Web Activity

Use this data to improve customer relationships through individualized re-engagement, win-back, and welcome campaigns across marketing channels.

Facebook & Instagram

Push the segmented contacts from Maropost to Facebook Ads Manager Custom Audiences and show relevant ads across Facebook and Instagram.

Schedule SMS Messages

Customize your SMS messages, select your segmented customer lists, and schedule the message to send.

Dynamic Email Personalization

Our email marketing platform offers a 360-degree view of each of your customers, allowing you to create experiences as unique as your customers. Segment, schedule, and develop dynamic content based on unified customer data.

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