Getting to know what exactly is Privacy Abuse

Allow me to grab your attention to describe a terrible scenario in the eyes of consumers. When online browsers, readers, and shoppers (those whose business you want!) decide to either sign up for newsletters, e-mail alerts, or provide their private information after making a purchase – they are entrusting their information will be used for only the purpose they agreed to.

Needless to say, there is a HUGE trust factor!

However, far too often do situations arise where companies sell private information to outside groups which result in users receiving unsolicited advertisements and phone calls, and constantly being badgered by companies they have absolutely no interest in. Engaging in this practice is very shady, and the focus should always be on respecting your privacy as we value your trust.

Unfortunately, numerous companies decide to take liberties with your privacy in order to make a few extra bucks. Sadly, this is commonly seen in e-mail marketing and only works to damage the credibility of your brand. When you think about your leads, you should consider them as potential investors. If you value an investor and the potential capital they can bring your brand – you should carefully consider every action you take with their information.

How would a multi-million dollar investor feel if you sold their information?

They are extremely likely to not only unsubscribe from your list, they are also likely to leave scathing online reviews of your company – which could again lead to major damage to your brand as a lack of trust is bad for the bottom line.

Without the trust of your customers, you do not have a business!

With a great business plan you will receive your quarterly financial reports improve, we at Maropost are here to make sure you have to tools, like Maropost for Marketing, available to reach your goals. Also, when you think about it in practice – what benefit comes from your potential customers having their e-mails spammed with well…a bunch of spam irrelevant to your own unique brand?

The selling of private information isn’t the only worry. During the cyber age, more and more security breaches are happening over time. It’s not only your companies’ responsibility to make sure your customers’ information is secure – it’s in your best interest. If an individual feels their information isn’t safe online they simply are going to begin spending less and less money within the digital market.

Privacy is important to your customers, it’s important to Maropost, and it needs to be important to every entrepreneur that wants to build a loyal consumer base that will help build their brand beyond their wildest dreams.

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