A growing platform with new features added

The Challenge

Not sending more than 4 million emails per month and ineffective communication

Get Lean in 12 is an internet-based health and fitness company, providing nutrition and exercise programs to customers all over the globe. Operating almost entirely online, Get Lean in 12 relies heavily on email marketing to reach their audience. Because their previous platform was unable to send more than 4 million emails per month, Get Lean wasn’t able to effectively communicate with their customers.

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“Since switching to Maropost we have found that there are always new features being added to the platform.”


Chief Technology Officer at GET LEAN IN 12

The Solution

Dedicated client success manage and intuitive functionality

After receiving referrals from friends and business partners, Get Lean in 12 made the move to Maropost. On Maropost Get Lean finally has access to the level of support they were lacking on their previous platform. Having a dedicated client success manager to help them in onboarding, Get Lean in 12 was able to get set and sending right away—and answer any questions they have after.

With ease of use and intuitive functionality, Maropost makes it easy for Get Lean in 12 to load, schedule, and edit campaigns—without any worry of deliverability issues. But those aren’t the only features Get Lean in 12 is excited about, as new additions to segmentation—like specific lists with date ranges—are allowing Get Lean in 12 to deliver more personalized marketing messages. Maropost’s commitment to customer-first innovation means the platform is always improving according to Get Lean’s needs, with new features added every month—to help them grow to their full potential.

Get Lean After 40

Get Lean In 12 was created by health and fitness expert, Shaun Hadsall, with the goal of teaching people how they can get the body they want – and keep it for good – without investing hours and hours at the gym or sacrificing everything “fun” in life.

Our super-efficient workouts and “Macro-Patterning” Nutrition will not only maximize your results, but also make health and fitness serve your life – instead of your life serving health and fitness.

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