Inbox deliverability and high open rates

The Challenge

Scalability issues and decline in deliverability rate

A trusted authority in health and fitness news, ranks in the top 10 of most visited natural health websites globally—seeing a staggering 4,000,000 visitors on their site every month.

After encountering scalability issues on their previous digital marketing platform, the Dr. Axe team knew they needed a new digital marketing platform—a platform that could grow with them. Email is a critical component to Dr. Axe’s marketing strategy, so when their deliverability began to decline as their subscriber base continued to grow, Dr. Axe decided to make the move to Maropost.

The Solution

Easy to navigate user interface and an effective email marketing platform

After joining Maropost, the Dr. Axe team immediately saw an increase in their deliverability. With a rapidly growing subscriber list, even the initial one to two percent lift in inbox placement offered a significant boost to their reach.

Maropost’s easy to navigate user interface makes it so even junior employees at Dr. Axe can send email newsletters, run A/B split-tests, and analyze the results—for better open rates and improved engagement.

Email is essential to Dr. Axe’s marketing strategy—and their growing newsletter is at the center of that strategy. With a more efficient and effective email marketing platform to support them, Dr. Axe is growing even faster than before.

Dr. Axe

Dr. Josh Axe is a physician, author, syndicated radio host and above all, a trusted name in the health industry. So when he stands behind a product, it speaks volumes., the website for the certified doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist, is a content based media website. It specializes in the delivery of health and wellness articles, along with supplements and health programs.

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