Multiple projects performance

The Challenge

Improving click, open, and conversion rates

While looking to launch their newest brand——CareerCo encountered several challenges. As CareerCo set up a marketing strategy for their new employment search engine and alerts platform, they needed to build a domain reputation from scratch—to compete against established industry equivalents.

Here were their goals:

  • Build a respected reputation with ISPs
  • Improve click, open, and conversion rates
  • Grow their email subscriber list
  • Develop deeper relationships with existing customers
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“We use Maropost Marketing Cloud for multiple projects. Everything has exceeded our expectations.”


Email Marketing Manager at CAREERCO

The Solution

Segmented campaigns and automation

Working closely with CareerCo, Maropost’s client success and deliverability teams planned and prepared both long-term and short-term processes to optimize MyJobAlerts’ email strategy.

  • Segmenting campaigns for different categories of job seekers
  • Automating re-engagement campaigns with specific triggers
  • Leveraging affiliate campaigns to connect users across CareerCo’s related brands

The Results

25x mailing list growth and 2x click growth

Since joining Maropost in May 2015, has performed above and beyond CareerCo’s expectations

  • Over 100 million emails sent
    With an average 99.6% deliverability rate, Maropost makes sure CareerCo’s emails are always reaching the inbox
  • 25x mailing list growth
    Maropost’s automated journeys mean leads are always nurtured and never lost
  • 2x click growth
    With Maropost’s powerful multi-variate testing options, optimizing emails is easy—helping CareerCo’s click rates jump from 2.8% to 5%


With over 50 million members, CareerCo is one of the world’s largest job boards. Using an extensive array of messaging options—spanning email, SMS, push, and live career advisors—CareerCo connects employers and job-seekers the world over.

With an extensive audience and a comprehensive cross-channel strategy, there was only one marketing platform integrated enough to meet CareerCo’s needs—Maropost.

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