SMS campaigns are a personal, text message-based form of mobile marketing strategy. Mobile Keyword campaigns involve the use of selected single words that can contain letters or numbers. This single word is chosen by a business as the go-to-word to be sent to a short phone number usually referred to as a short code. 

It is noteworthy that over 80% of consumers wake up to check their phones in the morning. There are many benefits attached to SMS marketing, for one, SMS’s, compared to other mediums such as emails, have higher response rates. This type of marketing also has over 98% open rate.

There are multifarious use-cases for these campaigns. Here are the best examples of SMS mobile keyword campaigns:

Mobile keywords

An ideal mobile keyword should be short, trackable, memorable, simple, and must include the opt-out option. These are the top descriptions of an ideal mobile keyword. Shorter keywords are easy to remember and save your audience from having to type for long. Trackability is another indispensable factor that renders a campaign’s progress measurable.

A memorable keyword is one that would not necessarily need to be written because it is so good it sticks. Users do not usually spare more than a few glances when seeing these keywords, so the easier it is to commit to memory, the easier it is to remember in the long run.

In terms of being simple, it is also advisable to avoid having to use multiple words, special characters, or spaces. These would only serve to create unnecessary complications. Remember, the shorter, the better.

Business campaigns

One can either make use of an SMS messaging feature or employ the use of an SMS marketing provider. A mobile keyword such as “BIZSMS” can be created by your SMS marketing provider to facilitate business-related interactions. This can then be sent to a short code. The best strategies to be employed when running these campaigns as soon as you get opt-ins primarily depends on your ability to engage your audience.

These kinds of campaigns are usually sales and revenue-driven. To get the best out of it, implement strategies such as sending personalized messages, boldly stating your offer, and using an apt call to action. Along with creating a form of scarcity or urgency, framing these campaigns as exclusive is a great strategy.

SMS marketing tools that aid SMS analytics also remain vital here as they can be used for valuable marketing analytics. It often adds up to improved strategies.

Customers can notifications about a new product or service on their mobile devices, via this platform. By enabling pre-programming and automation too, this SMS mobile keyword campaign can be scheduled  and made to run on autopilot.

Exclusive promo code campaigns

SMS mobile marketing coupon codes

This is another viable and usually successful SMS mobile keyword campaign. It is usually crafted around exclusively offering some sort of gift or discount which may also be in form of coupons for a limited time. One benefit, after opting in to receive, is the opportunity for the collection of mobile numbers or the building of a large SMS list.

After a mobile phone user opts-in, further communication can then take place. Exclusive promo or coupon codes campaigns include keywords like “2FOR1” which must include the offer being boldly communicated. An appropriate call to action and an opt-out option should be included too.

Notification campaigns

This consists of a wide array of strategies centered on notifications such as incentivized contests, marketing updates, opt-in polls as well as surveys. These types of campaigns are the best for registering user preferences as well as strengthening brand trust and loyalty.

They work by offering unique types of interactions with the user and adopting meaningful CTA related keywords. Continuous communication and preference dictated interactions are ideal.

For example, with an SMS keyword such as “Contest”, prospects can join a campaign in other to be a member of a pool of winners which are to be selected randomly. “Alert” on the other hand, can deal with notifications related to marketing updates. 

Campaigns are most effective when users are regarded as exclusive (I.e. VIP). Also, indicating a sense of urgency or limited-time is a great incentive that can get an audience to participate.

All in SMS Marketing

You can link up your marketing materials and copromote them. This can be achieved by adding your short codes to your content. Contents in this context can span across various spaces such as social media and in-app notifications. Others include email marketing material, flyers, and in store banners. 

This type of promotion mix is a measurable and synergistic type of marketing communication method that allows the use of ad campaigns, mobile ads, and other forms of mobile marketing.

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