The ecommerce industry is continuously growing year over year. As the trend will continue in the coming years, the space will get more competitive. That means the implementation of marketing strategies will help online stores stand out.

If you’re curious about trending strategies that will help you thrive, you’re in the right place! Keep reading to discover five killer ecommerce marketing strategies that’ll help you win more customers in 2022.

1. Leverage the power of social media

Social media plays a crucial role in the marketing strategies of ecommerce businesses. They are the perfect place for promoting products and services, as consumers spend time browsing them daily.

With plenty of automation tools available, advertising on social media is an efficient way of reaching out to a mass audience. For example, LinkedIn automation is the perfect way to generate new leads. 

You can also use automation for posting on social media at specific times of the day. However, different social media platforms are a better option for a particular ecommerce niche. Here are a couple of examples:

  • LinkedIn — Perfect for B2B ecommerce businesses. LinkedIn is continuously growing, and all its users are ready for business proposals. It’s a great way to build organic traffic through expert posts and sell your products to other companies. Additionally, you can use the Sponsored InMail feature to reach out to a specific audience. With 57.5% open rates, you’ll advertise more effectively. 
  • Instagram — If you’re looking for a place where you can share those fantastic product photos, Instagram’s the perfect place. The platform has become saturated, so you’ll have to create a PPC ad budget to get your products before consumers. If you’re not willing to spend money, you can apply the $1.80 a day strategy to get more traction.
  • Facebook — Unfortunately, like Instagram, it too is saturated with users and requires investing in ads. Nonetheless, it’s an essential element in an ecommerce marketing strategy. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend money right from the start. Deploy the latest strategies by being creative, evaluating the competition and getting testimonials.
  • TikTok — If you’re seeking a way to get organic traffic on social media, TikTok’s the perfect option. As the platform is still rapidly growing, it’s far from being saturated, meaning that many people will get to see your videos without having to spend any money on advertising. To get the best results, follow the latest TikTok trends. Use hashtags, follow challenges and enable stitches to get more exposure and followers.

Social is one of the crucial elements in your marketing strategy. Make it a part of your growth plan from day one.

2. Ensure cross-platform compatibility

Over 50% of online traffic is coming from mobile devices. That means that your marketing strategy should begin with a huge focus on compatibility with different platforms.

Whether the customers come from mobile or desktop is irrelevant. Their experience of using the platform needs to be impeccable. Plus, it sets a strong foundation for future mobile marketing efforts.

Imagine running an SMS marketing campaign without having a mobile-friendly ecommerce website. It would undermine its performance, as a significant portion of SMS readers would jump to the platform right from their mobile devices.

Mobile marketing offers too many benefits not to make it a part of your strategy. The important ones are:

  • Variety of marketing channels — You can run ads on mobile apps, mobile games, SMS marketing, social media and email. All the technology in smartphones lets you craft specific marketing campaigns for better conversion rates.
  • Location-based marketing — Businesses use geofencing to send promotional material to customers who are in a particular location. That approach can increase visits to your store when a user is nearby.
  • Smooth result tracking — Monitoring mobile marketing performance is simple. With plenty of tools in the market, you can see which approaches are working and which aren’t. Use the data to improve underperforming marketing channels.
  • Ranking priority — Google is now practicing mobile-first indexing, meaning that your mobile version of the site is more important. Having a mobile-friendly site will help you rank higher.
  • Different ad formats — Try out ad formats such as banners, interstitial, video or native ads. You can see which types of ads generate the most customers for you.

All these benefits are compelling reasons why your ecommerce platforms must perform flawlessly.

3. Promote sales and giveaways

Driving sales requires offering incentives to your visitors. A great way to achieve this is to create sales campaigns and offer giveaways. You’ll get more people to buy your goods with such an approach, and you can enjoy higher customer retention.

Running successful sales has a lot to do with your social media presence. Posting regularly will let the majority of your followers know that you’re running a sale. Create a sales strategy to adapt to different times of the year. Increase sales activity during the holidays.

Or, if you want to try something different, run a sale outside of the holiday season when no other competitors are running one.

Another place where you should include sale details is your website. Provide a specific discount for all your visitors and follow your sales figures. Make adjustments along the way and see which kinds of sales brought the best results. 

Don’t forget to use your newsletter for running exclusive promotions.

On the other hand, giveaways are perfect for attracting new customers to your business. Create specific participation requirements that will grow your audience numbers. 

For example, those who want to be eligible for a giveaway need to be your follower and tag a friend. That will set off a chain of shares and follows, growing your community.

4. Offer outstanding customer support

While everyone is focusing on their marketing budget, you need to heavily invest in your product and service quality. Your customers expect a solution from your business, and in case something goes south, providing outstanding support will keep them satisfied.

Therefore, ensure:

  • Ease of access — Implement tools such as a live chat button on your ecommerce. Pay close attention to your social media communication channels and be responsive. Customers will appreciate being able to contact the support quickly.
  • Quick resolution time — Put your customer support staff through training to help them solve problems quickly.
  • Politeness and patience — Prepare your staff for different kinds of customer behavior. They should prioritize defusing the situation at all times without getting into an argument. Your customer service must always be professional, patient and polite.

Remember that customer service says more about your company than any marketing material. Therefore, prioritize its quality to ensure outstanding customer satisfaction.

5. Request reviews and feedback

Making great impressions is essential in the ecommerce world. As high as 84% of people trust online reviews as if they were coming from a friend. That piece of information alone is enough to show how important it is to ask for a review of your services.

A high number of reviews will build more trust once the user is on your site. They will positively affect your conversion rates, leading to a higher number of customers. Product reviews are the online version of word-of-mouth marketing. Use them to show everyone how happy your customers are.

Aside from building trust, reviews show where the problem with your current services resides. You can use the feedback you acquire to improve your quality of service. As it keeps going up, more customers will want to buy from you.

One of the most efficient ways of requesting emails is via an automated follow-up email. Kindly thank the user for buying from you and ask for their feedback. Over time, as your sales figures increase, so will the number of reviews.

Concluding thoughts

Combining these killer ecommerce marketing strategies will help you reach more potential customers with ease. Remember to advertise where the customers are looking — social media and mobile will find your target audience.

Don’t forget to deploy automation in your ecommerce business – it’s the future. It’ll help you efficiently navigate your support, marketing and sales.

Once a customer buys from you, ensure that their whole experience is smooth. Repeat the magic formula as you build a big community around your ecommerce business.


Stefan Smulders

Stefan Smulders is a SaaS entrepreneur and a founder of the world’s safest software for LinkedIn automation – / He’s enjoying his family life in the Netherlands being a proud father of a lovely 4-year old son Steef.

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