In the 21st century business, we always need anything that can help us stay ahead of the competition and can also keep our revenues and profits climbing. No one wants to be recording losses daily and so any measure possible is always welcome. This is where B2C marketing automation strategies always come in.

Marketing automation is a form of technology that helps you automatically manage your marketing processes and campaigns across various channels. With this technology, you can actually target a number of customers with automated messages through text, emails, etc. It is a tested and trusted way through which you can increase your conversion rate and leads which would in turn help increase your revenue.

Because of its proven success in reducing market overheads and boosting sales productivity, this is why this B2C marketing software is going high above the roof right now. Even though most people know about its importance, it is not always utilized to its maximum capacity and as such, revenues don’t go as high as they should.

Here we are giving you 10 B2C marketing automation strategies that can help increase your revenue in no time.  

1. Welcoming Message

You just received a visitor into your home for the first time, most especially one you personally invited. The obvious thing to do is to welcome such a person and help them feel welcome and settle in perfectly. The same thing applies here.  

After your new customer has just registered and created an account, the next thing to do is send them an email (also called transactional email). A welcoming message would always get them comfortable and feel appreciated.

This should tell them more about your brand and business, what they should expect from you, and also grant them the much-needed access to your store. This message should briefly cover all your campaigns and what they provide.

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2. Dynamic Content

To enable you to get one of the very best results from marketing automation, you need to have dynamic content. No reasonable content means you have little or nothing to offer. You can be assured that it won’t get you past the first customer. 

Having less quality content or sending the wrong message at any point in time can make you lose a potential customer. Having dynamic content drives your customers towards more interactions. First off, we should know a dynamic content means content that is based on the interest of a specific customer. It is designed to be suitable for a particular reader or viewer at the moment. 

To give your email marketing strategy a higher chance at success, then you need to make sure you align the right message to the right customer based on their interests and past behaviors. If you have been able to gather enough information about your customers then it increases your chances of giving them better content.  

3. Personalization

Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated in every place. The feeling of being wanted is always attractive to every customer and there is one way you can make that happen. More personalization of messages always does that. The more personalized the content of your message is, the more interactive it is to your readers. 

It helps make it more engaging and interactive and appeals to your customers better increasing their chances of clicking through and shopping for your products. Most customers would rather prefer to buy from one who responds to them by their name than one who does so randomly. 

4. Inventory Management

Not everyone knows just how best to manage their stock efficiently and this can prove to be a problem. It is very important that marketing chores be organized according. There are a few things which would need arrangements which you obviously can’t be able to handle manually.

The use of B2C marketing automation can assist in getting those chores done automatically. All you need is to program your marketing automation technology to help carry out those tasks or chores at given times. 

You might want to alert your customers that a product is low on stock, publish some new ones on your social media channels and stores, change themes to help you re-modify your store for seasonal or holiday promotions, showing when a product is out of stock, and also updating your customers when they are back, etc. Things like this would be better done automatically than manually. 

5. Split Testing

Split testing is one of those various ways you can use digital marketing automation to increase your revenue. With A/B Split testing you know that you have to test and analyze several data to arrive at the best possible option. It is a way of analyzing an email’s performance by comparing two similar versions.

To improve the quality you give to customers you obviously have to go through a series of tests and experiments. Don’t forget the test has to be done one at a time so you can arrive at a better result.  

6. Reminder Messages

Sometimes you might tell someone next to you a few things or have a schedule programmed but end up forgetting all about them until they have gone by. Just like the reason why we have a reminder on our gadgets, the same goes for your customers. They need reminders on various things as well as those who didn’t click on your emails. 

Someone might have opened your email and might not click through. With the help of marketing automation, you can send them a reminder and probably even add an offer as a sweetener. If it is someone who hasn’t shopped in quite a while, you can send messages to get them to take advantage of an ongoing deal while it lasts. 

7. The Get-Them Back Program

Not all your customers would be active for sure. Actually, in the real sense, some of them just register and never make use of the account again. The first day just becomes the last.

Others might use for a while and later on, drift apart. It is on you to make sure that they get back to your team. When you discover some of your customers have had some time of inactivity, send them a mail. A message to help you get them onto your team once again.

If a customer hasn’t logged in or visited the store recently, you can send them a mail telling them of your promotions and offers, tell them what’s new, and also how much u miss them.  

Some might have left a few products in their cart. This is also a time to remind them of those products, most especially if there are offers and promotions on any of them. You can also add related objects that weren’t amongst their selected choices.

One thing you should not fail to do is rewarding your faithful clients. Those who have stuck by you all through. The same energy you use in trying to win others back, you should also spend in keeping those you have. 

8. Pay Attention to Customers

Your customers need so much attention and it is one of the ways you can keep them happy and earn you more revenue. Those who buy more frequently need different treatment from those who aren’t always there. They are the ones that have a high customer lifetime value and as such, every seller should get the maximum from them as much as they can. 

Once in a while, you should offer such customers some offers, promotions, and also some discounts. This can turn them into ambassadors for you and they can also help spread the word of just how good you are. Never undermine the importance of this aspect. It might seem pretty small but it plays a huge role in creating better engagement and also increases your revenue.  

With the aid of marketing automation technology, you can always find it easy to locate and segment such customers. Send emails about new products, deals, and promotions. 

9. Analyze your Competition

Irrespective of the line of work, competition analysis is always important. In marketing and sales, you always need to analyze your competition as it gives you an idea of how to come up with the next step. 

You will surely find those in the same line of work as you who would either be much better or for worse. Sometimes some who are on the same level. It is important to analyze them all. Your competitors must be doing something right for them to be ahead of you while the others might be doing something wrong for them to still be behind.

Analyze all these and know what step to take and from where. Through this analysis, you might stumble on some marketing automation activities that work well for them which you wouldn’t have figured out on your own. 

10. Promotions

It is not an untrue statement that people love discounts, bonanzas, offers. Every store should always take advantage of such an opportunity to both keep current customers and lure in new ones. Increasing your promotions and discounts, giving out lucrative offers can also help you draw in much revenue.

The more customers, the higher your gains. People can get attached due to amazing offers and discounts. This can keep them coming for more even after such holidays or festive seasons are over.  

Having to cut down these prices manually can be a real task. It can also take so much time and so does managing a product discount. With a marketing automation software, b2c companies can have all these done the way they want without going through so much stress. Automation email saves you a whole lot of time and does things effectively. 


In today’s market, marketing automation technology does a lot in helping b2c businesses make things easier and faster. You need a data driven marketing automation platform that can help you maximize your revenues regardless of your multi-channel engagements. 

These 10 points and the way you can use B2C marketing automation strategies to boost your revenue (and cross sell!) in so short a time. The efficiency is high and the errors and at the barest minimum. Try using it in your e-commerce business and see the rapid turn of events with your company’s revenue.  

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