Add-Ons March 15, 2022


iCapeesh offers a cost-effective solution, tailor-made to your specific requirements that provides instant / real-time customer feedback.

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About Add-On

Get instant customer feedback

Engage with your customers immediately after they have purchased a product through your webstore. iCapeesh contacts customers via email with a questionnaire for feedback on their purchase. As soon as the feedback is received it is immediately available to you in the iCapeesh dashboard.

Customer service is one of the quickest growing job vacancies in the market place today. Make your life easier, save money, let the program do the work for you.

The Process

Setup Instructions

To get started, simply click here and contact the iCapeesh team, who will set up the integration for you and help you start collecting feedback.

Setup Instructions:


Login to Commerce Cloud to view add-ons

Login to install


Install Add-on

Find the add-on, and click the Install button.


Configure Add-on

Follow the next steps to finish setting up your add-on

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