This comprehensive guide will provide a complete overview about transactional emails and their value for any business. 

Maropost reveals the Ultimate Guide to Transactional Emails

Toronto, Canada (PRUnderground) August 30th, 2021 – Maropost, a leading SaaS company, recently introduced a new powerful tool for transactional emails – JetSend. To walk the audience through the concept of transactional emails, Maropost also created this detailed guide.

The guide is designed to explain the importance and growing potential of transactional emails. It also uncovers best practises for them.

The guide introduces different types of transactional emails which businesses can use as ideas for themselves. It also explains the purpose of each transactional email and how it can be used.

Any business that would like to automate a repetitive task of sending transactional emails can benefit from this guide. Marketers and team leaders can find ways of saving time and focusing on revenue-driving activities instead of spending time on transactional emails. At the same time, these automated emails will help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This free guide is available here

Find more information about JetSend (along with a free trial) here.

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