Maropost Marketing Cloud leverages breakthroughs in machine learning and machine intelligence technology to create the world’s most functional enterprise A.I. TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – February 07,...

Maropost Marketing Cloud leverages breakthroughs in machine learning and machine intelligence technology to create the world’s most functional enterprise A.I.

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – February 07, 2017) – Maropost, the leading provider of email and digital messaging solutions, is pleased to introduce Da Vinci, the world’s most functional artificial intelligence for enterprise.

Da Vinci utilizes Maropost’s proprietary machine intelligence technology and breakthroughs in machine learning and cloud computing to offer unparalleled insight and optimal action. As with everything that Maropost offers, Da Vinci was designed and built completely in-house to ensure maximum consistency and integration.

“Maropost Marketing Cloud leads the industry in tracking and analytics, automation, and machine learning,” says Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO and Chairman of Maropost. “Our machine intelligence technology is the culmination of all our past research and the logical next step for the future. Da Vinci is the most powerful and functional artificial intelligence available to enterprise at the present.”

Maropost Marketing Cloud tracks user actions, habits, and behavior across all channels and aggregates that into a unique user profile. Da Vinci’s algorithms will then leverage the unique user profile to determine the most relevant content and product recommendations for that individual. Da Vinci will also automatically determine the optimal time to send each email based on the individual’s purchasing, browsing, and email habits.

“There are a lot of products on the market that claim to have cracked artificial intelligence but they are simply using automation disguised as machine learning,” says Paquette. “Maropost has created a truly cognitive algorithm that can experiment on, learn from, and adapt to the user all by itself. The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes.”

The implications for ecommerce and publishing companies are particularly huge. Product recommendations can be inserted into emails and other communications based on the recipient’s past purchases and viewing habits. Content can also be individually tailored based on the recipient’s reading preferences and history. All communications can be scheduled based off the recipient’s past behavior and engagement levels to maximize open and conversion rates.

Maropost client and ecommerce powerhouse SHOP.COM had the opportunity to test and preview Da Vinci’s functionality. “Our results and returns have completely exceeded all expectations in terms of both revenue and customer engagement,” says Peter Gold, Chief Digital Marketing Officer of SHOP.COM. “We gained three-quarters of a million new subscribers with one campaign last month. Consumers are clearly responding to’s superior shopping experience and Maropost’s unparalleled machine learning features.”

“Leonardo da Vinci revolutionized art, mathematics, and engineering in the 15th century. We aim to do the same for the digital and marketing industries today,” says Paquette. “Maropost’s Da Vinci marks the beginning of the A.I. renaissance.”

Maropost is the fastest growing company in Toronto and among the fastest growing companies in North America. In 2016, Maropost was ranked 4th in Deloitte’s Canadian Technology Fast 50, 7th in the annual PROFIT 500 of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, and 37th in the North America-wide Deloitte Fast 500.

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