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Discover the secrets to earning better payouts. In this exclusive webinar, Maropost and ClickBank will introduce their powerful ContactPass integration. Use it to surface insights about your affiliate buyers, target them more effectively, and maximize your conversions.

What you'll learn:

  • Identify high-performing campaigns: Use the ContactPass integration to see which campaigns and lists drive the most commissions.
  • Create custom segments: Develop personalized customer journeys that lead to higher conversions.
  • Maximize your payouts: Implement strategies to secure better commissions and enhance your email marketing success.
  • Register now and join the league of affiliates getting the best value out of their email lists.

Resources for current customers

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Integration Overview

Integration between ClickBank and Marketing Cloud enables you to import order and contact information in real time to your Marketing Cloud account.

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Benefits of Integrating

Marketing Cloud enables ClickBank’s affiliate marketers to initiate native integration between Marketing Cloud and ClickBank affiliate account.

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Installation Guide

Technical document providing guided steps for installing and managing the integration between ClickBank and Maropost Marketing Cloud

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