How to leverage mobile messages to get your customers to TTYL. 

With our smartphones glued to our side, it’s not a surprise that mobile marketing and communication have the highest open rates of all digital marketing channels and are usually opened within 3 minutes of being received. 

This makes SMS the most valuable channel of communication for marketers, with average open rates of 82% in comparison to emails 24%.  

Face it, without mobile communications with your customers you’re only getting half the engagement.  

Consumers (and especially smartphone users) have preferred SMS messages because it allows for a personal and convenient ongoing conversation, with all their historic messages in one single chat. Rather than a series of disjointed emails, or inconvenient phone calls, SMS allows you to have an ongoing and personalized conversation with your target audience in a means that is not disruptive. 

If you’re ready to step-up your customer engagement and jump into the world of mobile communication, let’s get some clarity around the different types of mobile communications that exist, and which work best for your business case. 

The Types of Mobile Communications 

There are 2 main types of ways to communicate to your customers via their mobile phone, SMS and Push Notifications. 

SMS – Short Message Service (or SMS as its commonly referred to) is quite simply text messages. Text messages can be sent to all types of mobile devices – smart phones or flip phones.  

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Push Notifications – These are the notifications that appear on users’ home/lock screen of a mobile phone. The benefit to a push notification is the user will see the message without having to open any app. If your business has a native mobile app, push notifications are a very effective way to grab your audience’s attention and pull them back into your product with quick and easy calls to action. Most commonly, when a push notification is clicked it bring the user to a specific page within an app, however, push notifications can have multiple calls to action such as gathering feedback via survey, enter information in a form and redirect users outside of the app as well. 

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Misconceptions about Mobile Marketing 

Many marketers are apprehensive about mobile communication because of common misconceptions or past failed attempts. Let’s myth-bust some of these common misconceptions around mobile communications and show how both technology and consumer preferences have come a long way when it comes to mobile messaging. 

MYTH 1: Mobile Marketing is Costly to Customers  

False. With toll-free numbers (and modern phone plans) sending your customers SMS and Push notifications costs them nothing! The Maropost platform provides each account a toll-free number ensuring your communications come at no cost to your customers! 

MYTH 2: SMS Marketing is Regulated More Than Email Marketing 

False. SMS Marketing is equally regulated as email marketing and is not overly complicated if you know the rules! If you’re unfamiliar with what is allowed and what could get you reported as spam – not to worry! Maropost provides each customer with onboarding training that covers the do’s and don’ts of SMS marketing. Additionally, Maropost has built in guardrails and dedicated deliverability teams to help clients proactively stay on track. 

MYTH 3:  Mobile Marketing Lacks Analytics and Success Metrics 

False. Mobile marketing can unlock more data and analytics about your audience. Push Notification can collect even more data around your customers, such as geographic location and device type. Like all other forms of marketing, sends, opens and clicks are all easily tracked in SMS and Push Notifications. 

MYTH 4: Mobile Communications Are Difficult and Technical to Set Up and Automate. 

False – well, with the right platform and tools. Setting up SMS messaging on Maropost’s mobile friendly platform and sending out your first SMS message can take as little as 30 minutes and no technical resources required!  

Ready to start your Mobile Marketing Strategy? 

If you have an app, connect your app to Maropost and build your own mobile advertising strategy: start sending both iOS and Android Push Notifications in minutes! 

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Want to start SMS chats with your customers? Great news – we have recently made large investments into our SMS Infrastructure. With these improvements, our users get greater deliverability, unique and toll-free numbers, and a foundation that allows for very exciting and engaging SMS features to come. 

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