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Process faster refunds for your most trusted customers and watch your repeat buyer rate and average revenue per customer skyrocket. Drive more sales and motivate customers to order with confidence. Monitor your customers behavior, predict trustworthiness, and create a set of rules based on trust scores to reduce refund rates.

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Boost retention & increase conversions with Instant Refunds

With Disputify, a sales conversion and customer insights solution, you’ll gain access to powerful features and services like Instant Refunds and Customer Trust Scores to start converting more customers and making smarter refund decisions.

We analyze millions of data points across our global merchant network of 400+ brands to deliver insights that empower businesses like yours to increase conversions, boost retention, prevent fraudulent refunds, reduce refund rates, and improve customer experience.

Don’t lose customers because of the actions of a few bad actors. Upgrade your returns policy with Instant Refunds, and motivate your most trusted customers to buy with confidence.

Key Benefits

  • Boost retention
  • Increase conversions
  • Drive more sales
  • Detect fraudulent refunds
  • Reduce refund rates
  • Filter out high-risk orders
  • Automate order cancellations
  • Identify and track bad actors

Instant Refunds

With Instant Refunds, you’ll increase conversions and watch your repeater buyer rate and average revenue per customer skyrocket.

Instant Refunds compliments your existing returns policy and integrates seamlessly with your return center. Most importantly, the final refund decision is always up to you.

Refund customers faster than ever. The returns process is an audition. If it’s painful for the customer, they are less likely to purchase again. With Instant Refunds, customers receive their refunds faster, even before shipping the product back to you. Your customers will be happy and more willing to purchase from you again and again!

Here’s how Instant Refunds work:

  1. Add the Instant Refunds badge to your product page to drive confidence and increase conversion rates.
  2. If a trusted customer isn’t satisfied with a product, you process an Instant Refund to avoid painful refund wait times.
  3. Once a refund is requested and you approve, simply release the funds back to the original payment method before the product is returned.
  4. An instant refund is issued, and the customer ships the product back to you.

What is Instant Refunds Guarantee?

Built-in protection for your returns. If a customer never returns an item or a package gets lost we cover the cost for a nominal fee.

Do I have to give a refund?

No. You are not obliged to process an Instant Refund. The final decision is always yours.

Customer insights

With Customer Insights, you’ll understand which customers you should refund and learn more about their buying behavior across our network of merchants.

Predict customer trustworthiness and create rules based on trust scores. Filter out high-risk customers and automate cancellations to avoid fraudulent refunds.

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