Increasing Revenue with Automated Personalization

Mar 30, 2021

40 min



Madeliene Kanoza

Product Marketing Manager

Manny Ju

Manny Ju

Product Operations

Key Takeaways:

Personalization Trends

Personalization Trends in Ecommerce Email Marketing

Personalization Strategies

Personalization Strategies to Increase Conversion Rates, Customer Loyalty and Lifetime Spend

Revenue Data

A Demo of How to Add Product and Revenue Data within Maropost and Create Automated Personalized Campaigns

Ideas and Inspiration

Ideas and Inspiration for Marketing Automation Journeys Personalized by Product and Revenue Data


The modern ecommerce shopper expects a simple and personalized shopping experience, where the products they want and need are brought to them. When marketers use a customer’s purchase history to personalize marketing emails, the average customer spend increases by 110% resulting in an overall 20% increase in revenue.

Join host Madeleine Kanoza (Product Marketing Manager at Maropost) and guest presenter Manny Ju (Product Manager at Maropost) on Thursday, March 25th at 2pm EST as they run you through how to make the most from your product and revenue data in your marketing efforts.

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