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Built from the ground up, the Maropost platform is primed to scale with your business.

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Why Scale With Maropost?

Amplify the Growth of Your Contact List

With no development required, Acquisition Builder helps acquire new contacts for your marketing database with drag-and-drop lightboxes, forms, and web surveys.

It doesn’t stop there. Maropost for Marketing seamlessly integrates with CRMs, e-commerce platforms, and social platforms – with the goal of helping you grow your contact list.

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Build Contact Lists

Personalization Through Deep Segmentation

Segmentation Builder is here to simplify personalization for you.

Combine customer fields and website or mobile app engagement to build segmented profile attributes. From there, drive personalized messages to your audience.

For the data-driven – build relational tables and SQL queries for even deeper segmentation of your audiences.

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Segment Audiences

Streamline Customer Engagement

Journey Builder creates customer workflows for every channel and every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Build customer relationships through personalized re-engagement, win-back, and welcome campaigns across marketing channels.

Easily build automation journeys that trigger personalized emails, unique coupon codes, mobile notifications and SMS messages.

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Engage Customers

Optimize Your Funnel

Don’t just grow your customer base, grow your customer engagement. The size of your funnel shouldn’t take away from the quality of messages delivered.

Send Time Optimization sends messages when individuals have historically engaged to improve open rates and conversions.

Optimize On Open displays different images, offers, or calls to action depending on the date and time the email is viewed by an individual.

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Optimize Funnels

Analyze and Refine Campaigns

Whether it’s measuring A/B tests, analyzing the performance of user journeys, or tracking inboxing and deliverability rates – Maropost gives marketers the data the need to refine campaigns:

  • Engagement:Contacts that opened, clicked, complained, or unsubscribed from campaigns
  • Delivery: Delivered, soft bounced, and hard bounced as a percentage of total emails sent
  • Funnel: Started, abandoned, completed, and recovered as a percentage of funnels tracked

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Analyze Campaigns

Need More Convincing?

See the top 4 reasons that customers are upgrading from Infusionsoft.

1. Email Deliverability

With over 50 years of combined experience, our deliverability team is the best in the industry. They’ll help you focus on increasing email deliverability rates – hitting the inbox every send rather than the spam folder.

Through customized plans, our email deliverability team helps each client develop and maintain a strong domain reputation, ensure compliance with ISP sending practices, and protecting our shared pools and warming dedicated IPs properly.

Our platform leverages partnerships with best-in-class data providers like Returnpath to provide visibility into the metrics you need to improve and specific recommendations to take your customer engagement strategy to the next level.

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2. World-Class Service

From customized on-boarding plans to hands-on platform implementation, our success team is here to set our customers up for easy transition to the platform.

Once up and running, you’ll have access to a 24/7 in-app chat, customer support line, and receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager with industry-specific knowledge to help scale your marketing efforts.

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3. Dedicated or Shared IP Options

Our experts can help you decide on if a shared or dedicated IP makes the most sense for your business. Either way, you’re in good hands.

Our shared IP pools are industry-specific and backed by our deliverability team, so you can feel confident that you’re sending alongside the best in the business.

If you decide to take control of your domain reputation with a dedicated IP, our deliverability team will set you up with a customized IP warming plan and on-going email support.

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4. Overall Satisaction

According to G2 reviews, Maropost ranks higher than Infusionsoft in overall satisfaction, ease of use, quality of support and more.

“They are constantly monitoring our inboxing and making sure we have all of the insights we need to stay out of the spam folders and deliver all of our messages. We have doubled our business since working with Maropost, and our email program plays a HUGE part in the success.”

– Matt S.

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