Send-Time Optimization

When is the best time to send emails?

Send-Time Optimization

Stop guessing and start seeing ROI on your email marketing. Optimize open rates by sending off campaigns when your audience is most likely to engage.

With Maropost, we’ll let you know when it’s the best time to press send.

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Eliminate the question:

‘When should I send an email campaign?’

We all know timing is everything. Knowing exactly when customers are most likely to open, engage, and purchase takes a lot of quality data.

Our built-in AI takes into account each contact’s prior email response history and turns it into personalized sending schedules for each of your customers.

You can be confident that your campaign will arrive right when it should, when your contacts are actively engaged with their email inbox.


Engage Users Based on Engagement History

Looking to engage new visitors? Set up default dates and times to engage contacts with little to no prior engagement.

Use email response history to determine personalized dates and times for your more engaged visitors.

Optimize email send times with Maropost’s Best Time and Best Day features to target contacts with super specific email reading schedules.

Additional Email Send Options

Conversion Time
Our AI uses individual purchase history data to send emails when customer’s are most likely to buy again.

Priority Send
Send to your most engaged customers first, then to your less engaged, to boost inbox placement over time.

One Time
Ensure that emails are delivered to your customers at a specific time according to their respective time zones.

Recurring Sends
Set up a recurring email campaign schedule to send every day, week, or month – the interval is up to you.

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