Maropost Release Notes

Maropost Release Notes

Release Notes: Smoother Navigation

December, 2019


It’s now easy to see when a contact record timestamp gets updated when there is any change to a related custom field. This means that the right data is being synced with integrated apps. 

We’ve made some navigation improvements in the top menu of the application. You can now find email reports under Analytics in addition to a few other changes. Check it out! 

You can now view a list of all campaigns which were used in a certain piece of content by clicking on the campaign number (under Statistics in Content).  

Send contact data using HTTP POST in a Journey in order to integrate with different platforms.   

UI/UX Improvements 

You will now receive a warning message if you click back while creating content on all content editors. 

Check out the Maropost Status Page from within Maropost for Marketing.  Simply hover over your name, click System Status to be directed to the Status Page, and stay updated on our system performance. 





Release Notes: Automatically add SMS contacts and A/B campaign improvements

July, 2019

Keep an eye out for monthly Product Updates! It’s our way of keeping you in the loop about the newest features and product improvements.

Automatically Add SMS Contact to Your List

The days of manually adding SMS contacts are gone! SMS contact information can now be automatically added from the same opt-in forms that users are filling in for email, using the SMS API. Previously, Maropost users needed to manually import SMS contacts. Please see the Help Center article to learn more. 

No more mistakes – send your A/B campaigns at the right time 

Clicking “Send Now” for your A/B campaign sends it out immediately, even if you’ve scheduled it for a specific date and time. The new warning message makes sure that you’re sending out the right campaign at the right time. 

Ab Campaigns


Release Notes: Maropost Statuspage and Segmentation Improvements

October, 2019

What’s New

Access the Maropost Status Page for up-to-date notifications of service interruptions and scheduled downtime. You can also proactively subscribe to get notifications in your inbox. Check out this blog article to learn more.

Maropost Status Page

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Users will now see a 120-character count while writing a pre-header for their campaign. If you want to see more, check out this Help Center article.

Campaign Name

  • Users can now organize different items in folders such as SQL Queries and Campaign Tags.
  • The content overlay will now show the correct footer in campaign details/reports to ensure that users see the correct information.

Segmentation Improvements

  • Previously, the Random filter combined the number of active and inactive users. Now, users will be able to use the Random filter to create a list displaying the final count of active contacts only. If you want to see more check out this Help Center article
  • Using the new Timeframe filter under “Not Purchased” segment criteria, users can segment contacts who have or haven’t purchased specific products within a specific time frame