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Our service and support tool is designed to manage customer concerns and expectations, so you can deliver exceptional customer experiences

Ticket Management

Streamline your ticket resolution process to maximize customer satisfaction

Our Ticket Management system allows you to strategically handle service breakdowns, by streamlining your process for prioritizing, categorizing, and assigning support tickets. As tickets come in via Twitter, email, and online, sort by type, language, and urgency, to ensure effective and efficient issue resolution. Create processes for agents, including canned responses, collision detection, and ticket merging, to increase their autonomy. Using SLAs, ticket tracking, and response reminders, management and agents can ensure issues are always effectively addressed. By empowering your team to quickly resolve concerns, you'll turn issues into opportunities to create loyal customers.

Maropost - MSC Ticket Management


Let your agents excel in their area of expertise

Organize your agents into groups, allowing them to specialize in customer concern categories, so they can become experts in addressing particular issues. Empower agents to resolve issues without bouncing customers between departments, by providing them with prepared responses, automations, and restrictions on ticket visibility allowing them to focus on providing excellent service on the tickets relevant to their area of expertise. To avoid any tickets falling through the cracks, employ escalation email triggers when response time has not been met, making sure customer concerns are always addressed efficiently.

Maropost - MSC Groups

Self-Service Support

Free up time for your agents to focus on complex issues

Commonly asked questions can take your agents' time and attention away from more complex customer concerns. Reduce ticket volume and empower customers to get instant answers to their questions, by employing a knowledge base and a community forum. Using the knowledge base, customers can search for and solve problems they face within the frequently asked question database. For fast navigation of FAQ articles, organize and group them according to customizable categories. By assembling a community where customers can ask questions and engage in discussions about your product, you'll create a self-service experience that increases customer satisfaction and speed to resolution.

Maropost - MSC Self-Service Support


Give customers the tools to learn from each other

By providing a platform where customers can post questions, comments, and solutions for your products or services, you can strengthen customer engagement, while decreasing service issues. Our User Forums enable customer conversations to develop organically, allowing you to listen in for ways you can improve customer experiences. Unique user logins and profiles let you track customers' community contributions, and receive notifications for new posts, articles, and comments. To keep posts and comments ordered, use our moderator functionality to filter specific terms or queue them for review before posting.

Maropost - MSC Forums

Reporting and Dashboards

Gain insights into your service process

Our reports and dashboards provide the essential insights to ensure consistently exceptional customer experiences. Providing out of the box reporting options, focusing on key agent metrics, like response time, SLA resolutions, and the status, agent group, and type of tickets created, our system allows you to easily gain an overview of your company's customer service. For custom insights into your service process, our report builder allows you to craft reports that focus only on the metrics that matter to you. Using report scheduling, you can stay on top of your data, with all the latest insights delivered directly to your inbox as often as you want.

Maropost - MSC Reporting and Dashboards

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