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Manage all of your sales data, from new leads to deals won, in one completely customizable platform

Lead and Contact Management

Get a 360-degree view of your leads and customers

Easily upload, store, and manage comprehensive lead and contact data at an individual and an account level, within our completely customizable interface. Collect and analyze data on everything from account and contact information, to lead source and score, opportunity creation and management, website activity, order, task, and appointment history, email communications, and other critical interactions, to create comprehensive lead and contact portraits.

Maropost - MSC Lead and Contact Management

Opportunity Management

Create the CRM you've always wanted

We've made our CRM fully customizable, to adapt to all your unique sales processes and needs. Opportunity Management functionality streamlines the implementation of pipeline processes that best suit your services, products, and buyers. Give your sales team the tools to manage every opportunity using your company's pre-defined stages, empowering them to focus on pipeline and deal progression. In-depth pipeline reports offer full visibility into opportunities on the horizon, sales stages, deals on the verge of closing, and predicted revenue, allowing you to optimize your sales process as it progresses.

Maropost - MSC Opportunity Management

Document Library

Every file your sales team needs, in one convenient location

Eliminate any confusion in your sales team over where to find the latest collateral, proposals, presentations, contracts, and more. Our Document Library acts as a central resource for all the most up-to-date versions of documents your sales team uses in their daily outreach. To make things even better, your team can quickly search for and attach files to emails, with automatic tracking of the activity and association of the file with a particular lead or contact record.

Maropost - MSC Document Library


Insights with the power to optimize your business

Our robust suite of reporting tools allows you to effortlessly organize and analyze your data, while our fully configurable dashboards offer a real-time picture of your business—anytime, anywhere. For insights you can really see, we provide a variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular view components, to visualize your reports. Show users the metrics that matter to them, with goal progress reports for sales reps and deal metrics reports for management. Through total pipeline transparency and reporting, you can capture and track key business trends as they develop.

Maropost - MSC Analytics

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