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As online shopping preferences accelerate among consumers, your company needs to keep up, by providing exceptional online retail experiences

Store Builder

Create a custom branded online retail presence, with our easy-to-use store builder

First impressions are everything for your online store. Using our intuitive ecommerce website builder, you'll be able to employ professionally designed themes and responsive design templates to quickly get your store online and on-brand. Unique pages, featuring content blocks for image galleries, videos, testimonials, social media, and more, are clicks away with our drag and drop editor. For fine tuning of your store, use the content editor to directly modify any page. To help your customers find every page you've crafted, built-in search functionality makes site navigation simple.

Maropost - MSC Store Builder


Manage and customize multiple storefronts, within the same account

Whether you're working with multiple brands, product catalogs, or microsites, our multi-store capabilities allow you to build and operate multiple storefronts for multi-brand websites, in one integrated platform. By centralizing all your stores, branding, orders, and payments in one location, you can gain a complete view of your ecommerce program. With no limit to the number of products you can sell and promote, our storefronts are built to scale with your business, even as you add distinct URLs and branding for each. Ensure excellent customer experiences, with dynamic site search and personalization capabilities, to increase conversions and revenue.

Maropost - MSC Storefronts

Order Forms

For faster, easier check-out experiences

Build branded order forms using our drag-and-drop editor, for a customized purchase experience—with no coding necessary. Automatically optimized for mobile, our responsive order forms also adapt to recognize credit card type, present a keypad when customers begin typing card or phone information, offer large payment option buttons, and hide the PayPal button when a payment plan is selected. To make sure your order forms are FTC compliant, you can also include links to terms and conditions and contact information directly in the footer.

Maropost - MSC Order Forms

Payment Gateways

Stay flexible, with multiple support and integration options

Why limit your store to just one payment gateway? Give your customers multiple payment options, with user-configurable rules to control the rotation of payment gateways for customer purchases. In just minutes, you can set up your preferred providers and start accepting payments, with integrations to more than 100 payment gateways.

Maropost - MSC Payment Gateways

Customer Management

Get a true 360-degree view of your customers

Automatically sync ecommerce sales data with customer contact records, in our organically integrated CRM platform. With automation incorporated into information collection and analysis processes, you’ll have actionable, revenue-generating, 360-degree customer data on hand at all times, to deliver a personalized customer experience with every interaction.

Maropost - MSC Customer Management

Inventory Management

Keep track of what's in stock and what's selling out

Managing your products and inventory in spreadsheets is an inefficient and error-prone process. Our Product and Inventory Management modules give you the tools to gain inventory visibility and control, so you can scale your ecommerce operations and increase profits. Easily manage all your products and their variations, including category, type, season, and sale, with our streamlined SKU system. With capabilities to predict stockout dates, set low stock alerts, automate reorder reminders, and update inventory numbers, you'll never have to worry about having too much or not enough inventory again.

Maropost - MSC Inventory Management

Subscription Management

Sign up customers, manage subscriptions, and bill reliably. It’s that simple.

With our Subscription Management module, you'll be able to achieve faster time to revenue, provide better service, and retain customers longer. For new subscribers, we make it simple to instantly apply add-ons and offer discount coupons, as well as issue group invoices for multiple subscriptions. Keep your subscribers happy with automated communications throughout the subscription lifetime and self-service tools so they can continually update their subscription preferences.

Maropost - MSC Subscription Management

Recurring Payments

Automate your company's recurring revenue

After subscribers sign up, we enable your team to automate recurring billing, on whatever schedule they choose, including weekly, monthly, and custom options. Allowing your team to focus on more complex issues like billing inquiries, refunds, and account changes, recurring payment capabilities ensure your resources are going where they're needed most. With recurring billing functions running in the background, you can create continuous revenue for your company, without having to worry about the collection process.

Maropost - MSC Recurring Payments

Membership Management

Give your members the star treatment

Give your new customers the opportunity to create a login at time of purchase, making it easy for both your company and customers to track purchase history, upcoming shipments, and store payment options, to complete future purchases faster.

Maropost - MSC Membership Management

Upsell Management

It only takes one click to increase average order value

Craft focused upsell offers and propose add-on products for your customer’s cart the moment they’re ready to purchase, to increase your average order value. Through suggestions for accessories, services, and additional quantities or variations of the same products, you'll provide your customers with more of what they want. Plus, with our in-depth analytics, you can quickly discover your best performing offers, to optimize your upsells.

Maropost - MSC Upsell Management

Insights and Intelligence

Actionable data to optimize your business

View in-depth intelligence and insights on your business on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis, to stay up-to-date on any efficiency opportunities. Our interactive ecommerce dashboards let you track live sales data, demographics, and other critical statistical information, so you can continuously optimize your business, driving more sales and increasing bottom-line revenue.

Maropost - MSC Insights and Intelligence

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