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Every good business needs a CRM platform to run its sales cycle. Maropost Sales Cloud's CRM gives companies the foundational tools to collect and manage all their sales data, from new leads to deals lost, in one customizable platform. With automation incorporated into information collection and analysis processes, you'll have actionable, revenue-generating data on hand at all times.

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As online shopping preferences accelerate among consumers, it’s critical for companies to provide exceptional online retail experiences. Our commerce platform lets you quickly and easily set up beautiful web storefronts, and with sales automation and customer behavior tracking you can generate more personalized experiences for customers to drive greater revenue results.

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It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. We've built a service and support tool into Maropost Sales Cloud that's designed to help you manage customer concerns and expectations, so you can deliver an experience that creates a customer for life.

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