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Marketing Automation

Personalized customer experiences—powered by automation

Marketing Automation

Humanize your marketing

Automated doesn't have to mean impersonal. Speak to your customers on an individual level—with adaptable automated journeys. With responsive campaigns, you can improve customer experiences and company revenue—at the same time.

Maropost - MMC Marketing Automation

Responsive Journeys

Evolve beyond static campaigns

Built inside our Drag-and-Drop Editor, responsive journeys can adapt on an individual level. Trigger messages based on behavior, to let customers create their own experience, spanning mediums and devices. With their actions directing your campaigns, our journeys aren't just personalized—they're individualized.

Maropost - MSC Personalized Campaigns

Dynamic Content

Create content as dynamic as your customers

Even the best content can fall flat—when it's sent to the wrong person. Creating custom segments to categorize your customers any way you want, you'll be able to automate alternative campaigns to run side-by-side. Enhance customer experiences even further with dynamic content that adapts according to interests and interactions—for messaging that makes an impact.

Maropost - MMC Dynamic Content
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Maropost’s deliverability is always solid, with no delays or challenges in reaching the inbox.

Neil Patel
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The platform is amazing, fast, and easy.
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Our guiding principle is ‘the best or nothing,’ and we feel that the solution provided by Maropost delivers on that promise.

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Their fresh GUI interface combined with incredible flexibility and deliverability is a winning combination.

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Having access to the Marketing Cloud platform and Maropost’s support is like having a full-time email specialist on the team.

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Maropost offers features we use on a daily basis to connect with our customers and improve our bottom line. We’ve been able to take our email program to the next level using the tools Maropost provides.

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