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Advanced web tracking, coupled with data acquisition tools, turns site visitors into customers and revenue

Web Marketing

Track and talk to your customers online

Create stunning landing pages, delivering a seamless user experience from email sent, to landing page visited. Use web tracking to build a 360-degree view of your customers based on their online behavior. Or ask your customers what they want, with fully branded surveys and customized forms, to capture customer preferences, satisfaction metrics, and other critical data.

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Landing Pages

Beautiful customizable landing pages, for consistent brand experiences

Our landing page builder allows you to create stunning custom pages, delivering a seamless experience from email sent, to landing page visited. Quickly and easily deploy forms and use dynamic content capabilities to create pages that provide personalized experiences, for better engagement and ROI from your campaigns.

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Lead and Data Collection

More detailed customer data for more personalized customer experiences


Create fully branded surveys to capture customer preferences and satisfaction metrics, as well as tradeshow and event surveys for lead generation. You can access response data in real-time and create campaign triggers in your journeys for immediate follow-up.


Quickly and easily create forms with our custom form builder and embed them on your website, landing pages, or directly within email campaigns. Or use our acquisition builder to present pop-up forms based on web visitor interaction, like time spent on site or page location. Then, leverage the data you collect to power hyper-personalized marketing messages.

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Web Tracking

Behavioral tracking for unparalleled insights into your customers

We offer an easy-to-configure web tracking tool that provides you with a 360-degree view of your customers. Use this complete view to attribute product purchases to email campaigns, trigger email campaigns based on behavior, track web funnels for completion, cart abandonment and conversions, and display personalized content within emails based on machine-learned content preferences—the possibilities are endless.

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Acquisition Builder

Adaptable conversion tools that respond to site visitor behavior

Maropost's acquisition builder offers a whole new way to acquire contact data. Create uniquely branded call to action pop-ups that appear when users enter or exit your website, using our drag and drop editor and pre-built, customizable templates. Add in rules for which visitors will see your pop-ups, how and when your pop-ups will appear, and more. These embedded forms can even be displayed in your web pages exactly in-line with the HTML code.

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Maropost’s deliverability is always solid, with no delays or challenges in reaching the inbox.

Neil Patel
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The platform is amazing, fast, and easy.
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Our guiding principle is ‘the best or nothing,’ and we feel that the solution provided by Maropost delivers on that promise.

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Their fresh GUI interface combined with incredible flexibility and deliverability is a winning combination.

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Having access to the Marketing Cloud platform and Maropost’s support is like having a full-time email specialist on the team.

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Maropost offers features we use on a daily basis to connect with our customers and improve our bottom line. We’ve been able to take our email program to the next level using the tools Maropost provides.

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