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With almost 40X ROI for every dollar spent, email marketing is the key to consistent revenue generation

Email Campaigns

Dynamic Content

Content as unique as your customers

Take your email campaigns beyond standard bulk sending, with dynamic content. Personalize your large scale email sending with content that adapts to your customers and their interests, using machine learning capabilities. Do more than the usual first-name field personalization, with countdown timers, behavior and geography-adaptive content, deadline-sensitive emails, imagery, and more. Craft customized experiences for your subscribers, even on the largest list.

Automated List Cleansing

Clean data made simple, with automated data cleansing

Dirty contact data can be the silent killer of success for email campaigns. Our automated list cleansing feature keeps your list clean, without any added effort on your end. With email deliverability directly correlated to engagement, this critical feature makes it easy to maintain proper list hygiene by automatically removing disengaged contacts from your list.

Maropost - Email Recurring Campaigns

Personalized Campaigns

Abandonment Emails

Win back would-be customers

Web-tracking capabilities watch for behavior like cart and form abandonment, which you can incorporate as triggers in email journeys. Send customers who've abandoned their shopping cart or almost filled out a form a reminder email to keep customer journeys moving.


One subscriber list, endless ways to split

Divide your email subscriber list any way you want with customizable segmentation capabilities. Our powerful segmentation engine comes with standard segmentation options to get you started and custom fields for more advanced list division. From location, to past purchases, to demographics, buyer personas, and more, you can split your email list in endless ways. Combine segmentation with dynamic content to boost your email personalization, elevating audience experience and increasing conversions.

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Campaign Optimization

Split Testing

A/B testing tools for maximum results

Conversion rate optimization is a major focus for every marketer. Leverage our comprehensive A/B testing tools to create multiple split tests—from subject lines, to content, to calls to action, to custom signatures, and send times—at the same time, in the same campaign. Automatic winner determination lets you quickly and easily trigger the top performer to send out.

Advanced Campaign Scheduling

Reach your audience at the right time—every time

Once you’ve created and perfected your email, we enable you to select from multiple options for send time optimization—from previous customer engagement, to time zone, optimal send and conversion time, and more—for guaranteed maximum impact. Coordinate your SMS and social posts to launch when your email campaign is on its way, for multi-touch engagement. With advanced scheduling, your messages are ready to engage and convert the moment they reach your subscribers.

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Content Creation

Flexible content creation options

When you’re creating an email campaign, we provide several flexible content creation tools, to suit every skill level and development experience. From detailed HTML coding, to our custom field capable WYSIWYG, to our intuitive drag and drop editor, you'll be able to make beautiful, on-brand email templates that look the way you want, how you want. Keep customer experiences consistent across channels, with our equally easy to use drag and drop landing page creator.

Maropost - Email Drag and Drop Editor
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Maropost’s deliverability is always solid, with no delays or challenges in reaching the inbox.

Neil Patel
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The platform is amazing, fast, and easy.
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Our guiding principle is ‘the best or nothing,’ and we feel that the solution provided by Maropost delivers on that promise.

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Their fresh GUI interface combined with incredible flexibility and deliverability is a winning combination.

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Having access to the Marketing Cloud platform and Maropost’s support is like having a full-time email specialist on the team.

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Maropost offers features we use on a daily basis to connect with our customers and improve our bottom line. We’ve been able to take our email program to the next level using the tools Maropost provides.

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