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Take Your Brand Platinum

Unified customer data can take your brand to the top of the charts.

Amplify Customer Engagement

Every Star Needs a Stage. Here’s Yours.

It’s time to shift the focus to quality over quantity and deliver exceptional experiences for customers. Send personalized messages to customers when they’re ready to interact.

Use the data in your arsenal to better understand your customers and create personalized messages and experiences that speak directly to what they are looking for.

Focus on Quality Engagement

Find Your Stage

Your Audience Will Turn It Up. Not Tune It Out.

To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to create experiences as unique as your customers. Show your customers you care about their individual wants and needs.

Segment audiences with data-driven criteria, dynamically insert content for each segment, and send messages when individuals are expected to engage.

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Turn Up The Volume

Never Miss a Beat, Or An Inbox.

Getting emails into your customers’ inbox – not just the spam or promotions tab – should be your top priority.

From our partnership with Return Path, to our dedicated Deliverability Support Team, let us worry about deliverability instead.

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Never Miss a Beat

Other Brands Have Customers. You Have Groupies.

It’s easier than ever for brands to communicate, but it’s harder than ever to truly connect with your customers. Growing your fanbase is one thing – but growing engagement is another.

The number of customers you have shouldn’t take away from the quality of messages that you deliver. Use data-driven insights to personalize messaging to your audience at scale.

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Build Your Fanbase

Featured Rockstar

Josh Storch

“We’re constantly looking to understand the ways people interact with our brands at a granular level, and personalize the ways we target them accordingly. There is a ton of buzz around AI and understanding inferred interests through predictive modeling and analytics, but more practically, what’s been really effective for us is surfacing the data that’s explicit but wasn’t readily available until we had the right technology in place.”

Josh Storch Senior Director of Email & Data Operations Haymarket Media

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Most organizations recognize the benefits of creating a truly omnichannel customer experience, but only 4% truly have a single view of customers.

To do this, organizations must optimize their marketing tech stack. A unified platform may provide the benefits of multiple platforms, while retaining the convenience of one and easing the implementation burden.

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