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What makes Maropost better than Emarsys

Unified Marketing & Ecommerce Platform

Limitless A/B Testing Options

High Email Deliverability (98% or higher)

Better Visibility Into Segmentation

Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership

Reliable Custom Reporting

Better UI & Navigation of Platform

Best In Class 24/7/365 Support Team

Increase Marketing Personalization

Reporting To The Next Level

Unlike Emarsys, we help eliminate the quest of retrieving simple data. Retrieve accurate reports without having to rely on other analytical platforms. Set up custom reporting to your emails with an easy-to-understand format to properly assess and evaluate the goals, gains, opportunities, and challenges.

Better Insights Into Specific Features

With a lack of Emarsys’s features, we drive better insights into segment building, where you can see contacts as a whole with a better lifecycle vision of them. Benefiting from these features, take advantage of the limitless A/B testing options to your campaigns to analyze the outcomes of your marketing performance.

A Platform and Support Team Invested In Your Growth

Our feature-rich platform provides a comprehensive solution to your email, SMS, Web, and Social Media with an all-in-one solution for ecommerce, inventory management, order management, and shipping labeling. Just great features and the best-in-class success team that has got you covered 24/7/365.

Join a community of like-minded marketers

We aim to build and lead a global community of marketers. We inspire each other to achieve more and punch above our weight. We also support and empower our customers to crush their goals, whether that’s more sales, profit, or simply free time to do what they love.


Increase in New Customers


Marketers already using Maropost


Increase in Email Marketing ROI


Revenue growth from Segmentation

The Maropost Marketing Cloud difference

Platform breadth

Eliminate stress – work with an omnichannel technology suite that allows you to manage it all in one place. Lower the total cost of ownership & simplify your tech stack.

Platform depth

Unlike Emarsys and other traditional lead-focused marketing automation platforms, Maropost Marketing Cloud provides a unified comprehensive solution for creating custom journeys, custom reporting, and segmenting the audience.

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“ Maropost is scalable, we can be confident that we can grow our business without changing platforms.”

James Van Rooyen

Owner - Bicycles Online