Life at Maropost

Life at Maropost

Maropost provides the opportunity to carve your own path while collaborating with a driven team.

Our Mission

We want to change the way organizations operate through technology, by creating powerful platforms designed to help businesses scale in every area.

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Our Offices


Located in downtown Toronto, Maropost HQ is complete with 3 floors of brightly-lit, open-concept office space.


Situated in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, Maropost’s lively Chicago office is our home base in the United States, housing much of our sales and marketing teams.


Our development offices in Chandigarh are where Maropost goes from idea to reality—with plenty of fun social events along the way.

Our Perks

Snacks, games, and some killer playlists on the office Sonos. Happy hours and social events galore. Health and wellness reimbursements, too. But the biggest perk at Maropost? The opportunity to stretch your capabilities, try new things and grow!

Total Transparency

To ensure all employees are on the same page, we hold regular employee surveys, roundtables and team meetings.

Part of the Team

Building a strong team means investing in each employee, which is why we provide extensive on-boarding, employee stock options, and a direct line to leadership.

Room to Grow

Structure is secondary to execution, and we work side-by-side to achieve both, rewarding hard work and results along the way.

Health & Wellness

Maropost offers extensive benefits that cover everything from dentist appointments to meditation apps, and our kitchen is always stocked to fuel your day.

All the extras

With monthly in and out-of-office team events and teammates who take their work seriously, but not themselves—life at Maropost is the perfect blend of work and play.

Team-Owned Deliverables

Your work directly impacts overall business objectives.