Maropost allows you to create and send bulk emails to members of Salesforce campaigns or generate reports through Maropost’s email engine.  You can also pass selected Salesforce leads and contacts to Maropost lists and journeys for advanced triggered message flows.   

Ways to Use the Maropost for Salesforce Integration:  

  • Use SalesForce reports to add contacts in Maropost lists.   
  • Create email campaigns in SalesForce Classic user interface and send through Maropost. 
  • Tailor and personalize your emails based on a prospect or customer’s lead source in SalesForce. You can use SalesForce campaigns and reports to create target segments or lists in Maropost. 
  • Segment your customers by location to send seasonal or regional promotions.  
  • Create journeys and advanced trigger message flows in Maropost for Salesforce contacts.  
  • Create and send bulk emails to members of SalesForce campaigns or generate reports through Maropost’s high-performance, high-throughput email engine.   

You’ll Have Data Access to: 

  • First and Last Name 
  • ID 
  • Location 
  • Contact Info

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