With our integration with Magento, you’ll have all the historic customer and purchase order data within Maropost for Marketing. You can pass over contacts from your Magento account into your Maropost account once every day. You can also pass over sales orders from your Magento account into your Maropost account in real-time.   

Ways to Use the Maropost for Magento Integration:  

  • Automatically add customers who opt-in to email marketing updates on Magento checkout will automatically be added as subscribers in Maropost for Marketing.
  • Send your customers post-purchase emails with campaigns aimed at cross-selling and upselling your customers based upon items they purchased.  
  • Send your customers order confirmation and order status emails for purchased products.  

You’ll Have Data Access to: 

  • Order ID 
  • Order Date 
  • Order Total 
  • Products Purchased
  • Order Status 

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