Maropost + 1ShoppingCart

Maropost’s integration with 1ShoppingCart pulls in customer and order data, so you can target customers based upon their past purchases and average spend to get more precise with your marketing.  You’ll be able to pull in merchant IDs, product images, purchase history, pricing, quantity and other relevant information to provide customers with personalized email that drive better results. 

Ways to Use the Maropost for 1ShoppingCart Integration: 

  • Create contact records in Maropost for every purchase made in 1ShoppingCart.
  • Target more segmented contacts for all 1ShoppingCart buyers.
  • Send your customers order status and order confirmation emails for purchased products.
  • Send your customers post-purchase emails with campaigns aimed at cross selling and upselling your customers based upon items they purchased.

You’ll Have Data Access to: 

  • Order Total 
  • Order ID and Number 
  • Order Date and Status 
  • Item ID 
  • Quantity, Description & Price 





Additional Integrations