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Winning the Data Battle

Companies are faced with a major challenge in today’s retail/commerce environment. The power dynamic has shifted towards the consumer and consumer expectations are at an all-time high. Retailers find themselves in a competitive environment which is fierce and getting fiercer still.

As a result, more retailers than ever recognize the benefit of creating a truly omnichannel customer experience. But how many actually handle customer data effectively to succeed? How do (and how should) consumer-facing organizations optimize their efforts in order to make sense and make use of customer data?

To answer these questions, Maropost surveyed marketing and Customer Engagement (CE) decision makers from companies across North America. Download our complimentary white paper for our findings.


  • The rising tide of customer influence and the challenge in meeting their expectations.

  • The importance of creating an effective value proposition and the role of data in enabling differentiation.

  • The successes and shortcomings of customer engagement platforms in capturing all customer signals in a way which delivers value to retailers.

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