New Look, New Maropost

As you may have already noticed, our website is sporting a brand new look. Aside from a change in color-scheme, this shift also signals a change in direction for Maropost.

But before we get to where we’re going, let’s start with a brief look at where we came from.

When I first founded Maropost in 2011, it was a solution to the problems I saw first-hand working in the email industry. Seeing how underserved the industry was, I knew I could do better—which is exactly why we started Maropost.

Over the years, we’ve expanded and improved Maropost Marketing Cloud, to build out a complete cross-channel marketing platform. And now we’ve started moving into areas outside of marketing, with Maropost Sales Cloud—designed to replace your whole sales tech stack, in one platform.

Now we’re expanding even further—to cover every area of business—with even more platforms on their way in the next few months alone. More than just making businesses more efficient, these platforms are going to change the way organizations operate through technology.

Everything we’re creating comes down to powering businesses and driving growth. We’re building based on our own experiences—the products and features we wish we had—along with feedback from our greatest collaborators: our clients.

Now, as we continue to offer platforms that can grow with and grow businesses, we’re doing that on an even larger scale. This new site launch and new company direction marks our renewed dedication to that founding drive—acting as a partner for our customers, not just a platform.

So, here’s to the next chapter. We’re looking forward to growing with you.