Lon Safko and Jamie Turner Break Down Marketing in 2018

To start, if you’re a marketer and don’t know who Lon Safko is, then you’ve got some research to do. Lon has over 100 patents, first commercialized voice recognition, and some of his inventions are housed in a permanent collection at the Smithsonian Institution—alongside his many other achievements.

Safko recently sat down with renowned marketer Jamie Turner to discuss the changing marketing climate in 2018, and what he predicts will occur this year—here’s what he had to say.

Safko argues that the most successful companies in 2018 will be the innovators and the creatives. Regardless of what industry you’re in, there’s a lot of noise to compete against, which make risk-taking, innovative, and creative moves more critical than ever.

While the barrier to entry for creating a company, blog, product, radio show, YouTube channel, or anything else is lower than it has been before, the barrier to being relevant has gotten higher.

Cutting through the noise can be expensive, but Safko suggests that being purposefully different, innovative, and creative with the tools on hand can help resolve that relevance problem.

Anyone can learn how to use social media, but leveraging our tools to utilize social media in a way the competition hasn’t thought of, that’s where you can break away from the clutter.

One simple strategy to overcoming the clutter is to build effective relationships with your customers—by simply being where they are. Safko says to “Get out there and see where your customers are, and work those mediums”. Meaning if your customers like YouTube videos, make YouTube videos. If marketers aren’t where their customers are, then they’re much more likely to be a part of the noise—rather than the signal.

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