4 Tips for Omnichannel Marketing

Your customers are active everywhere. Between searching websites, engaging with emails and social media posts and reading reviews, they are likely coming into contact with your brand across channels.

This means marketers, in order to reach customers and engage them as much as possible, must craft a presence for their brands on all these channels.

What Makes an Omnichannel Experience?

Leveraging multiple avenues for reaching your audience is a great place to start, but treating them as elements of the same overarching approach will allow you to provide customers with a positive experience while moving them along the customer journey.

Omnichannel marketing campaigns allow brands to connect with customers in an effective way through all available means. This type of strategy takes into account all channels and devices consumers are using, as well as what stage they are at in the customer journey.

Tips for Developing an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Illustrate your customer journey

Providing relevant content for every customer requires an understanding of their interest and mindset. Consider where your customers are at each stage of the journey-discovery, consideration, purchase, post-purchase-as well as what they might be doing and which channels they might be using at every stage. Having this journey mapped out enables marketers to create and provide the right content at the right time, through the right channel.

Streamline your marketing tech stack

To provide additional support for your omnichannel strategy, limit the platforms you’re using to carry out your marketing campaigns. Working with email, CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce and analytics through separate tools makes it difficult to establish the connections and fully understand customers to develop an impactful omnichannel approach. Incorporate a unified solution that promotes seamless communication with customers regardless of where they’re interacting with you.

Have a single source of truth

If you want to create a smooth experience from one marketing channel to the next, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by focusing on each channel singularly. View different avenues as parts of the larger campaign. Consolidating technology solutions offers you a singular view of customer data, from interactions with various marketing messages and purchase history. With customer engagement and purchase behavior data aggregated in one platform, you can understand how one consumer action and/or channel leads to the next.

Segment your audience

All your engagement and behavior data in one place offers the opportunity to segment your audience and subscribers based on a certain criteria, then target them with relevant content. For instance, perhaps you want to encourage your social media audience to subscribe to your email newsletter. You can create a “Social Audience” customer list and target them with newsletter-specific ads or emails. Customizing messaging based on where and how customers interact with you improves engagement by nature.

A powerful omnichannel marketing program is attainable. Being proactive and leveraging data and personalization tactics will help you to properly engage customers through whatever channel and device through which they are interacting with your brand. Looking for a solution that bolsters you omnichannel efforts? Contact Maropost to get a demo of our unified customer engagement solution.

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