Web Marketing

  • 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally.
    Improving the customer experience with personalized
    digital journeys is more important than ever.

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Web Marketing

Maropost Marketing Cloud combines a powerful, easy to use, enterprise level solution with a 24/7 service model that is built to do one thing — generate incredible results.

Landing Pages

Our landing page builder—included free with access to the
Marketing Cloud platform—allows you to create stunning pages
that deliver a seamless user experience from email sent to
landing page visited.

Quickly and easily deploy forms and customized pages, or
create a personalized experience to deliver more engagement
and ROI from your campaigns.

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Web Tracking

Our easy-to-configure web tracking tools let you get a 360-degree
view of your customer by listening to their behavior over
selected web pages. Your tracking can run the gamut from simple
to complicated – just place the Maropost code to selected pages
and the system does the rest.

Apply web tracking to attribute e-commerce product purchases to
email campaigns, trigger email campaigns based on web
behavior, track web funnels for completions, cart abandonment,
and conversions, and display personalized content within emails
based upon machine-learned content preferences.

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Create fully branded surveys to capture customer preferences and
satisfaction metrics, as well as trade show/event surveys for
lead generation purposes.

With a seamless integration in our dashboard, all responses are
visible real-time and can be incorporated in triggered workflow
campaigns for immediate follow up.

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Forms, along with surveys, are a basic necessity for anyone
dealing with email marketing. It’s another way to fetch contact
details aside from uploading CSV’s, importing carts etc. Forms
can be single opt-in or double opt-in.

Our form builder creates contact forms that are easily customized.
Embed your forms on websites or directly within email campaigns,
then capture the data directly to power relevant, hyper-personalized
marketing messages.

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