TORONTO — Maropost Marketing Cloud — the fastest growing provider of email and digital services in North America — proudly announces its partnership with Smart Agents (, a real estate marketing company assisting real estate agents to list and sell more property by providing cutting edge marketing material.

Nathan Beamsley, Smart Agents’ Senior “Digital Janitor,” has seen the company’s email marketing — which was once carried out through three separate platforms simultaneously — go from needing for a strong email marketing platform, to nearly being overwhelmed with how much functionality is provided within the Maropost Marketing Cloud.

“From what I’ve seen Maropost grow to expand to, I know we’re only using a part of what is all available there and know there is a lot more,” he said. “We’re getting to see the social aspects, the workflows coming in, there’s been a lot of improvements that Maropost has brought on in the time since we’ve joined, till now and I love it.  I love your guys style of communication; I sign in and something pops up on the screen and says ‘hey did you see this new stuff come up?’ I often get an email saying ‘hey, here’s some new things that we’re doing and working on and some things that are coming up’ so I really appreciate that as well.  As a user it’s fun to see.”

Based in Jacksonville, FL, Smart Agents was founded by brothers Chris and Calvin Curry, with a bold mission — “to double the business of at least 1,000 agents each year”. The company’s focus is to deliver tested and proven strategies to agents throughout the nation.

With years of experience with the Maropost platform under his belt, Beamsley identifies list cleansing as a feature that had an immediate impact, boosting his delivery rate — to the point where anything less than 99% is eye-opening.

“I know if that number takes a drastic drop, there’s something wrong with my subject line or I put a link too close to the top. I know if that number takes a dip, it’s based on the content of the campaign and not the platform, because we’ve always had excellent deliverability,” he said.

In addition to list cleansing, Beamsley points out his appreciation for the consistency of the Maropost experience, specifically in the support and service provided.

I’ve always said from day one, hats off to your support team. They’ve done an incredible job,” he said. “I would absolutely recommend this to somebody who is looking for a platform either to consolidate whole lot of things you looking to do or just looking for a very, good, solid, dependable and extremely effective email program and I would definitely recommend Maropost.”

Ross Andrew, CEO of Maropost, added his thoughts on the partnership with Smart Agents.

“In many ways Smart Agents is the ideal Maropost customer – email is important to their business, they send valuable, branded content and want a robust platform where they are in control. We built the Maropost Marketing Cloud to help our customers succeed, yet, continue to surround them with great product and deliverability support. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Smart Agents and helping them reach their client goals.”