Maropost announced today the release of their latest whitepaper “Building a Great Email Program.”

The whitepaper was authored by Bob Frady, Chief Marketing Officer of Maropost. Prior to his tenure at Maropost, Bob headed the email programs at Live Nation, Expedia and Zeeto Media. Bob’s teams have sent over seven billion emails across more than 35,000 distinct campaigns, resulting in more than two billion opened messages and hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue.

Bob says, “There’s a lack of a real-world, down-in-the-weeds approach to email marketing. Any number of people will provide ‘best practices’ but few guides that will help you determine what to do and how to do it. I’ve spent a number of years figuring out how to put all the pieces of the email process together and wrote this paper based upon my experiences as a marketer. This whitepaper provides a practical guide that helps email marketers to unlock the incredible value in the email channel.”

Maropost CEO Ross Andrew commented, “Our goal at Maropost is to provide leading-edge knowledge to the marketplace, then deliver products that make those dreams turn into reality. While others dream it, we build it.” Andrew added, “We’re very excited about this whitepaper. We brought Bob into Maropost because of his deep expertise with email. It’s great to see how Bob’s experience converts to practical, useful advice for our clients.”

The whitepaper is available today from Maropost at