Maropost is excited to announce the relaunch of our company. As of today, Maropost will now be known as the Maropost Marketing Cloud, with our motto being “the cloud that works.” Full rollout of the new brand will occur over the upcoming days.

Ross Andrew, Chief Executive Officer of Maropost Marketing Cloud, issued his thoughts of the rebrand.

“From the very start of Maropost, we have chosen to build an integrated system that spans channels, rather than trying to glue together a series of tools that were never designed to work together in the first place. Our complete focus on building a marketing cloud that works has driven incredible expansion of the Maropost platform and fantastic additional capabilities of our clients. Rebranding just makes sense.”

Bob Frady, Chief Marketing Officer of Maropost Marketing Cloud, also provided his thoughts on the rebrand.

“We are pleased and excited to re-launch our company as Maropost Marketing Cloud. It reflects that not only do we have a world-class email marketing platform, but we combine it with SMS/push, social, web tracking, landing page creation, an integrated survey builder, automation, analytics, display and a host of other cutting-edge capabilities,” the company’s CMO stated.

“Our platform – in keeping with our original multi-channel vision – has expanded so robustly that rebranding was necessary to better explain all of the incredible digital marketing methods we bring to the table. Lots of people talk about being able to build multi-channel marketing efforts that recognize and adapt to consumer behaviors, but we’re putting action behind our words,” Frady added. “At Maropost, our unified database structure allows our users incredible flexibility in making the multi-channel dream come true, all from a user’s desktop. So today we launch Maropost Marketing Cloud – the marketing cloud that works,” he stated

Frady also touched on how the rebrand focus remained on presenting an immediate benefit for clients.

“Not only did we want to build an integrated platform that users can control from their desktop, we wanted to make sure that each and every option was free of charge for all Maropost Marketing Cloud users – you only pay for what you use. There are no hidden fees and no upgrade charges. At Maropost Marketing Cloud we think that up-charging users for additional features works against the best interests of our clients – we’ve never done it and don’t intend to start now.”