Maropost Marketing Cloud – the world’s best email and digital marketing platform – is excited to the release of their newest whitepaper, “How to Reduce your Email Campaign Creation time to ZERO.” The whitepaper is immediately available via sign-up at

The whitepaper was written by Bob Frady, Chief Marketing Officer at Maropost. When asked why he focused on this particular subject, Frady said “prior to coming to Maropost I was a brand-side email marketer. I struggled with getting email out the door every day and was frustrated that the process was so error-prone. When I discovered what Maropost Marketing Cloud was doing with some forward-thinking clients – I knew it was something the email world needed to know about.”

“In terms of cost and time savings, the benefits to the marketer are enormous. Error-free, automated email newsletter generation will save marketers hundreds – and possibly even thousands – of hours every year.”

As for what type of companies would benefit from Maropost Marketing Cloud’s lights-out approach, Frady added “anyone with content that gets updated on a daily (or faster) basis would benefit most from lights-out publishing. Those environments – where the content is constantly changing – present the most challenging environments to create mistake-free yet timely email campaigns. We see this as huge for publishers, daily deal sites, viral sites, and any other site with fast/changing, daily, or highly regional content. Whether a client had dozens of pieces of new content every day of just one, lights-out publishing will save them time, effort and dollars.”

Ross Andrew, CEO of Maropost, adds “We are forever focused on making the email generation process easier for our clients. Lights out publishing represents the culmination of thousands of hours of work from our development teams and a true step forward for companies with large amounts of rapidly changing content. I’m very proud of our development team and thrilled that some of our leading publisher clients are executing lights-out campaigns as we speak. I trust that the email marketing community will find tremendous value in this whitepaper in invite people to download it today.”