Maropost Marketing Cloud, the incredibly fast-growing provider of on-demand digital marketing solutions, today announced its support for multiple content feeds within the Maropost platform. The integration is complete and immediately available for Maropost Marketing Cloud clients.

Manny Ju, Vice President of Product for Maropost, said that, “we are extremely excited to integrate multiple content feeds into the Maropost Marketing Cloud system. Multiple content feeds are yet another tool that will help our clients drive maximum personalization and relevance from their email marketing programs, all with minimal post-set up oversight.”

Multiple content feeds works by accepting different XML or JSON feeds into the same email template. For example, one section of an email may support the latest news, products and offers from a company, while a separate section may display the most popular items other people bought in the past week. Previously, getting these disparate data feeds into an email was a laborious, time-consuming process or one that relied on propriety, difficult to understand scripting languages. With Maropost’s new support for multiple feeds, the email template can be constructed to automatically read, display and integrate the content from each separate data feed.

Ju adds, “We are constantly striving to give our clients tools to build powerful emails that require minimal amounts of work to support. Once the email template is established, the client never has to touch the email — we automate the entire process of email generation. As a plus, we can dynamically generate the email’s subject line and pre-header from the content feed. We estimate that — for many clients — integration of multiple feeds will be a tremendous productivity boost. For our users who work with a scripting language, Maropost Marketing Cloud’s open-source scripting language gives email designers the power and flexibility to precisely manipulate the placement of their content feeds within their emails. The result is a finely-crafted email that is both relevant and easy to read.”

Ross Andrew, CEO of Maropost, explained that, “once again our product team has stretched the boundaries of what is possible in email marketing. Our development and support of multiple content feeds is built from our never-ending desire to make our client’s email programs both more powerful AND simpler. We are excited to be — yet again — on the leading edge of email development with the Maropost Marketing Cloud.”